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Written by on 28th September 2018
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Frasers Hospitality is a property operator we’ve been working with for a while now, and this year, the company celebrated its 20th Anniversary. First founded in 1998, Frasers has grown significantly since then, and today provides more than 24,000 keys worldwide across 5 brands – each with its own unique offering.

Capri by Fraser is one of those brands, and was launched to cater for the ever-evolving needs of millennial travellers. The brand spans more than eight countries including China, Germany and Spain, and brings together business, wellness and relaxation facilities in one unique, functional space.

Tamara Garcia is Capri by Fraser’s Sales Manager for Barcelona and popped in to see us just recently for a catch up with the team. She had lots to share with us about the recent anniversary as well as insights on her role. Tamara – over to you.


What does your role involve?

I head up sales for Capri by Fraser Barcelona and look after our partnerships with new and existing property partners. I negotiate deals, report on sales trends and manage bookings. I was elected as one of the proud Fraser Experience Ambassadors this year, alongside of which the company has established its new core values of being collaborative, progressive, respectful and real.

How did Frasers celebrated its 20th anniversary this year?

We went all out globally and put on countless events at our properties around the world. We rolled out a 20% off promotion to all Fraser World members, and hosted a lucky draw, entitling one booker to a special golden ticket prize.

We were all over Instagram with the anniversary, and saw some great engagement from our followers in return. Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Valerie Dhieux, gave a heart-warming anniversary speech, reflecting on the company’s successes, which really resonated with everyone at Frasers.

What new openings have you had this year?

So far in 2018, we’ve had apartment openings in Germany, Oman, Nigeria and Japan, and will continue to expand in those countries.


The Frasers approach is all about attention to detail. Talk us through some of the little touches you offer in your apartments?

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysees, Fraser Suites Harmonie in Paris and Fraser Place Canary Wharf in London, among other properties in Europe, offer complimentary Handy Smartphones. The smartphones offer unlimited local and international calls to eight countries, as well as 4G internet access. We also provide a range of apps to enhance our traveller experience, including maps, digital publications, translation services and games.

How active is Frasers in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a difficult city to operate in due to accommodation restrictions, yet, at the same time, hugely popular with tourists. Our Capri by Fraser Barcelona property enjoys a fashionable home in the city’s Sant Martí area, close to both the beach and the marina. It’s located in a developing part of the city, popular with business travellers and tech workers, and is walking distance from attractions such as the La Monumental building, and La Muralla Romana landmark. In fact, our Barcelona property is what kick-started the Capri by Fraser brand in Europe, and set the precedent for all other apartments to follow.

Capri by Fraser Barcelona/ Image Credit: Frasers Hospitality

What are your growth plans for the future? 

In the last 20 years, our property offering has grown from 1 to 150, and, with that, we’ve expanded our reach to more than 80 cities around the world. Right now, we have new properties on the way in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, as well as here in the UK. Hospitality is Frasers’ central focus and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

In July, we announced the appointment of award-winning architect Kengo Kuma, who will redefine our social living experience and bring it to life in our latest property, Capri by Fraser, Ginza /Tokyo.

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