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Written by on 16th July 2018
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When you’re away on business, it’s important to feel at home. Our property partners go to great lengths to ensure that business travellers are comfortable in their surroundings, by offering accommodation that’s welcoming and hassle-free.

Sweet Inn, an operator we work with, does especially well in this regard. Their apartments are fun, free-spirited, and are located in some of the greatest cities around the world. What you get with a Sweet Inn property is the best of both worlds: a beautifully furnished serviced apartment, but with all the benefits of a hotel. You also get a dedicated local team to attend to your every need.

Keen to explore their offering in more detail, we spoke to Julia Boigienman, Sweet inn’s Head of Corporate Sales. We asked her about her role, the company as a whole, and the brilliant locations where they operate.


Tell us about your role in the company

As Head of Corporate Sales, I look after our B2B partnerships with new and existing accommodation partners. My role involves a lot of travel, predominately in Europe. It’s my responsibility to negotiate contracts, manage bookings and report on sales trends.

How have you come to operating in the locations that you do?

Our Founder and CEO, Paul Besnainou, set out to have serviced apartments in every major city in Europe, along with Israel. Our chosen locations are highly popular for both business and leisure travel, and, therefore, allow us to attract a broad audience.


How do you ensure consistency across your inventory?

We have local teams in every single one of our locations. They operate within the lobbies of our apartments and are responsible for ensuring that our guests are well looked after. They are also available 24/7 via the live chat function on our app. The service they provide is uniform across the board.

As standard, all of our apartments feature Wi-Fi, Nespresso machines, luggage storage, adaptors and top bathroom amenities.

How does Sweet Inn source and certify its apartments?

We own all of our apartment buildings, and have different teams in place to manage them in their entirety.

Our property managers have the responsibility of quality-checking the apartments we provide. It’s their duty to inspect the properties, carry out feasibility studies and ensure that they meet Sweet Inn’s standard of excellence.

How would you describe your apartments from a design standpoint?

Our apartments are warm, colourful and tailored to their locations. Many of our Paris properties, for example, are high ceilinged and exude opulence, whilst our Barcelona apartments are as vibrant as the city’s architecture.


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