Living in Canary Wharf: The Bonuses and Benefits

Written by on 18th September 2020
Category: Business Travel

Comparing those working in Canary Wharf and those living in Canary Wharf results in a sizeable discrepancy, with the number of people employed in the area a much larger figure than those who reside on a permanent basis. New living prospects are in development in the district to balance these numbers, an example being the currently under construction Wood Wharf, promising 3,600 new housing opportunities upon completion in 2023. In the current state of affairs however, living in Canary Wharf full time is a luxury few can afford – being one of the paramount business districts in London.

Whilst living space is at a premium, serviced apartments in Canary Wharf may well represent the most feasible solution for those working in the area long-term. Serviced apartments are almost always better value than hotels, particularly the longer you stay at a venue, as tax reductions apply to apartments booked beyond a 28 night threshold. In addition, amenities included in a serviced apartment stay can range anywhere from a personal balcony to gyms and meeting rooms, providing a fully-fledged living experience for habitants.

Once your living situation in Canary Wharf is resolved, the focus can shift to the bonuses and benefits of the area; of which there are many. The business district is unique in many ways, not least as a result of its contrast to the predominant urban spread of Greater London. There is greenery aplenty, with even Canary Wharf train station situated inside Jubilee Park, a stunning expanse of land located near the centre of the Canary Wharf area.

Working in Canary Wharf

Although the radiant Jubilee Park is the only of its kind in Canary Wharf, the area is still saturated with plant life. The Westferry Circus roundabouts exist on top of one another and are both decorated beautifully by flora. Similarly, on the Eastern side of the district, Cartier Circle provides a contemporary stretch of greenery that is complete with sculptured bronze posts, curved terraces, squared hedges and light paving within the centremost island. These areas make up a ‘spine’ of green land in Canary Wharf introduced to help attract wildlife in an attempt to assist the environmental restoration of the Docklands.

Living in Canary Wharf means supporting environmental preservation. There are over 1000 trees in the area, and other initiatives include a high concentration of planted rooves, encouraged recycling schemes and heavy investment in public transport. A 2017 sustainability report of the area details that the vision at every stage of Canary Wharf development was to set a sustainability example for the rest of the United Kingdom, with perceived longevity anticipated to boost the business district to be one of the greatest of its kind.

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Working in Canary Wharf boasts its own benefits, with an average salary of £100,000 per annum a tantalising prospect for anyone. Though an area dominated by bank workers, there are a whole host of other employed individuals in the area, some of whom are fortunate enough to work in the high-rise buildings offering staggering views of London from above. Serviced apartments in Canary Wharf also offer a fantastic living and working experience for more short term corporate workers in the district, of which there are many due to the residence of some of the country’s most powerful firms’ headquarters.

Whilst the business oriented buildings are undoubtedly the star attraction of the area, they are by no means the only benefit of living or working in Canary Wharf. For the surface area, the number of bars and restaurants at the disposal of locals is remarkable, with Tripadvisor referencing 132 dining establishments available in the area. Shopping is naturally a favourite for locals and visitors alike in London. The Canary Wharf shopping prospects are a key draw of the district, offering four shopping malls complete with around 200 shops, bars and cafes. High end brands such as Tiffany Co., Jo Malone, Jaeger London and Montblanc provide customers with the pre-eminent shopping experience that London life demands.

Other benefits of living in Canary Wharf include the high volume of fitness centres, with 14 gyms offering more than enough to maintain a healthy routine despite the lack of large open spaces in the area. Entertainment is far from at a premium, through notable attractions such as the Museum of the Docklands, a much loved mini-golf quarter and regular paddleboard lessons all representing fantastic time killers when in the vicinity.

Living in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf encapsulates all the vibrant qualities of London life, and adds a flavour of modernity and contemporary aesthetics to create a truly wonderful living environment. Whether through working or living, any time spent in the area is likely to be a pleasant experience. Our website contains an extensive portfolio of serviced apartments in Canary Wharf should a business trip to the district ever materialise. Also be sure to check out our previous blog regarding the best serviced apartments available to rent in the area.