View of St Paul's Cathedral from Tate Modern, London

Top 5 London Vantage Points

Written by on 1st July 2014
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London is a city like no other with architecture ranging from 17th century listed buildings to ultra-modern, glass-clad skyscrapers – so it’s a great place to take photographs. It’s a city renowned for its verticality, so naturally one of the best ways to capture the spectacular skyline is from up high. With such a range of impressive architecture there are also myriad views to be found at ground level in London. Vantage points are all around you, so we’ve listed some of our favourite spots from which to snap the capital:

1. London Monument

One of London’s ideal aerial views is from here. To reach the top you need to climb up 311 spiral steps and there’s a small admission fee. The contrast between historic buildings and modern skyscrapers makes for a great photograph. With stunning views down the Thames, this is undoubtedly one of the prime London vantage points.

london vantage point

2. London Eye

A tourist favourite, the London Eye is an expensive vantage point but provides spectacular views from the South Bank of the Thames. The wheel never stops moving and slowly rotates, so to capture idyllic cityscapes consider using a tripod and a long exposure.

london eye view

3. The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern provides unique views from the South Bank. Walk-in (admission is free) and take the escalators to the third floor. From the café, a glass door leads to an outdoor seating area and the balcony provides a view of the Millennium Bridge all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral.

tate modern, london vantage point

4. Canary Wharf

You don’t need to leave your apartment to take great photographs. Many of the serviced apartments in London provide fantastic views. Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers provide spectacular views of the skyline and Marriot Executive Quay Apartments offer a panoramic image of the City.

serviced apartment, corporate accommodation

5. Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge is a great place to pause and take that iconic picture of Big Ben; although many people may decide they want the back of their head to feature in your perfectly angled shot. A great tip is either the closer the better or to choose a shot that encompasses the clock tower’s surroundings.

westminster bridge, london view

“Say Cheese”

Have you managed to get any great pictures at these locations? Maybe a selfie or two? Or were you too busy relaxing in one of our London serviced apartments with a glass of wine? Let us know in the comment section below.