Make a day of it: 7 walks around Manchester to get your steps in

Make a day of it: 7 walks around Manchester to get your steps in

Make a day of it: 7 walks around Manchester to get your steps in
18th January 2023

Whether you’re embarking on a post-work stroll or a lunchtime gander, walking in Manchester can be a brilliant way to relax while on a business trip to the city. Established as the third largest city in the United Kingdom, Manchester is a key destination for many business travellers, and a popular setup for both international corporations and up-and-coming companies.

With an impeccable display of architecture and hidden spots of natural beauty, weaving around the streets of Manchester is an educational and picturesque expedition. Away from the skyscrapers, there are an array of Greater Manchester walking routes to choose from. Just a Stone’s throw away from the city centre, the surrounding towns and villages are easily accessible by bus, car, or train, and offer a peaceful escape from the city.

Read on as we count down the best 7 walks around Manchester to get your steps in.

The industrial revolution began in Manchester in 1761

Queen's Park to Ardwick Green

Manchester’s Green Trail was established in 2012, a partnership project between Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and The Ramblers. A circuit made up of 14 walks around Manchester, it was created to increase the usage of the city’s open spaces, encourage healthier living, and reduce car emissions in the city.

Although many of the walks stretch further out of the city centre, the Queen’s Park to Ardwick Green trail runs through the heart of the city. Beginning in Queen’s Park, the route heads south through sandhills, past Manchester Victoria Station, towards Lower Medlock Valley, and finally finishes in Ardwick Green.

Just over five miles, this walk is a great way to get your steps in while staying in the city. Predicted to take nearly three hours, this trek is not for the faint hearted, however it is easily adaptable and can be altered to suit different walking capabilities.

The Suffragette movement was born in Manchester in 1903

Chapel Street Park to Clayton Park 

Another of Manchester’s Green Trail walks, this gamble runs from Openshaw and finishes in Levenshulme. Split up by a plethora of green spaces, this walk exposes the city’s parks and provides an excellent way to get some fresh air.

Lasting an estimated two and a half hours, and stretching over five miles, this is another perfect example of walks in Manchester to get your steps in. There are multiple transport links close to the Chapel Street Park to Clayton Park route, making it easy to access wherever you are staying or working in Manchester.

The atom was split for the first time in Manchester 

Clayton Park to Boggart Hole Clough

For those looking for a canal walks in Manchester, the Clayton Park to Boggart Hole Clough hike flaunts a segment of the Rochdale Canal. An eight-mile gander, this is a long Manchester walking route although, like the other walks, easily adaptable.

This route travels through seven Manchester parks: Boggart Hole Clough, Broadhurst Park, Moston Vale, Gaskell St Park, Brookdale Park, Clayton Vale, and Clayton Park. A wonderful display of scenery, this hike is a lovely way to unwind while on a business trip to Manchester.

There are a total of eight canals that run through Manchester 

Ardwick Green to Whitworth Park

Starting in Ardwick Green, just a 12-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station, this Manchester walking route is easily accessible for travellers visiting the city. This path runs south through Birchfields Park and then loops back up to its finishing point at Whitworth Park.

Just under four and a half miles, this route is ideal for getting a few steps in. Looking for a breath of fresh air on your lunch break? Walk from Ardwick Green to Swinton Grove Park and back to make a shorter loop that’s perfect for anyone tight for time.

Manchester Piccadilly Station was originally opened in August 1849 under the name 'Store Street'

Mayfield Park Manchester

Moving away from the Manchester Green Trail, this park has made walking in Manchester more accessible and just as enjoyable. Just a five-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station and a ten-minute walk from the city centre, Mayfield Park is perfectly situated in close proximity to key travel links and workplaces inside the city.

Manchester’s first city centre public park, Mayfield Park spans over 6.5 acres, providing a large space to unwind in the heart of the city. Featuring greens for lawn sports, play areas, and a biodiverse display of natural beauty, this park is a tranquil space away from the buzz of city life.

With a range of walking routes, this park is perfect for business travellers looking to get their steps in. From boardwalks to stepping stones, there are many ways to navigate this open space. Make your way down to the river and take a pew on the steps that adorn the River Medlock.

In 1830, the world's first passenger railway was opened between Liverpool and Manchester

Phillips Park

Looking for park walks around Manchester? Just a 10-minute walk from the famous Etihad Stadium, Philips Park is an open space renowned for its woodlands and varied display of wildlife. Made up of 31 acres, this park is perfect for business travellers looking for a long walking route.

Rich in Mancunian history, Philips Park features a multitude of serpentine paths to amble along. Whether you’re looking for a short gamble, or a longer trek, Philips Park is one of the best areas for walking in Manchester.  

Rolls Royce was founded in 1904 in Manchester

Medlock Valley Way

A vibrant city, Manchester is constantly buzzing with rushing traffic and constant footfall, so quiet Manchester walking routes can be hard to come by.  Business travel to the city can be a wonderful and exciting experience, but for those looking for a quick breather, take a walk down the Medlock Valley Way.

Medlock Valley Way is an ideal path that stretches through the heart of Manchester all the way to Oldham. Starting near Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, those with time on their hands can partake in a 12-mile hike to Moorside along Manchester’s iconic canals. With breath-taking scenery, this path showcases Manchester’s hidden greenery, away from the city’s concrete jungle.

The bands the Smiths, Oasis, and Stone Roses are from Manchester

With a plethora of open, green spaces, walking in Manchester while away on business in the city is a highly enjoyable experience. With routes mapped out across the city, there are many ways to get your steps in and do your bit to make Manchester a greener place. Read our blog Is Manchester a Sustainable City? 7 Ways the Northern city is Investing in a Sustainable Future to discover other changes the city is making.

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