Is London the most visited city among business travellers?

Written by on 16th May 2012
Category: Business Travel

London is currently the most visited city by business travellers, according to a recent survey by expenses specialist Concur.

The report on corporate travel and entertainment spending analysed 25 global business destinations and used data from Concur’s 15 million users in 100 countries. It found that London was visited by more business travellers than Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and Toronto.

It also found that London was the sixth most expensive destination for corporate travel – a positive piece of news considering the city’s reputation as an expensive place to live and work.

The survey found that overall, business travel costs are rising. Average airfares rose by 9.2% last year, accommodation costs rose by 10.6% and transport costs rose by 10.1%, with rail expenses rising by 9.9%.

The top spend in the UK was on airfare, followed by accommodation, transport and dining. Petrol expenses across the country rose by 23% last year, reflecting rising fuel costs. Save a bit on your accommodation with better value for money and top facilities at one of SilverDoor’s London serviced apartments for your next stay.