My placement at SilverDoor by Rosie Brunel-Cohen

Written by on 29th June 2012
Category: SilverDoor news

I joined SilverDoor during the first week of June to gain some useful experience. Having my sister Alice already working with the company proved a brilliant conversation starter with my new colleagues. There were comments on how similar our mannerisms were and questions such as, “is your sister always this barmy?” Everyone was tremendously warm and friendly and it didn’t take long for me to settle in.

I worked alongside Alex Cullum as a Property Administrator. The role involved making sure that all the fields on the property profiles displayed on the SilverDoor website are complete and up to date, in preparation for a new reservations system which is being introduced next month.

The job entailed close contact with SilverDoor’s property partners, including alerting them of incomplete fields on their profiles and helping them fill in the gaps. I found that I became familiar with all of the properties I worked with and I learned a lot about the serviced apartment concept. It was really fulfilling when a profile was complete and I could cross it off my list (one of life’s simple pleasures!). I also thoroughly enjoyed helping the online marketing team write a few guest blogs.

Being part of the company meant it was my duty to carry out the occasional ‘brew run’ which Alice managed to make even more exciting by making everyone sing their request. Some people were better than others.

I have had a brilliant time working at SilverDoor and have gained invaluable experience to take away with me. I just hope that everyone is as friendly at my next placement!