New Year, New You

New Year, New You
30th January 2015

We’ve all been there, New Year’s Eve sprouting off a long list of New Year’s resolutions we vow to keep for the entirety of 2015, only to remember that it’s cold, dark and we’re actually quite tempted by the dessert menu and the large glass of wine.

I’m sure you can guess the most common resolutions as they’re probably the very ones you promised to yourself after a season of festive overindulging. Getting healthy, eating right and exercising.

For the business traveller, such resolutions can be even harder to keep as all sense of routine can be lost. So, how can a stay in one of our London serviced apartments reinstall some routine and help you keep on the straight and narrow this February?

The majority of serviced apartments are fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, helping you to avoid those late-night trips to the local fast-food restaurant or those early morning sugar hits of buttery croissants and coffee. Stop by the local supermarket on your way home and pick up fresh ingredients to make your lunch for the next day and dinner for the evening. Need to entertain clients? Serviced apartments have separate living areas so you’re able to entertain in a dining room, serving up a meal you’ve lovingly prepared (whilst desperately counting the calories).

Kitchen in our Nevern Place Apartments London

(Nevern Place Apartment)

To keep your fitness regime going strong into February, ask to be placed in a serviced apartment with an inclusive, onsite fitness suite; usually much quieter than the nearby super gym. Alternatively, a great way to get out and see the city you’re visiting is to live like a local and go for a run. With the extra space and privacy of a serviced apartment, you can even do your favourite workout DVD in the living room!

Gym in our Marsham Street Apartment London

(Marsham Street Apartment)

Ensure you can feel your best throughout 2015 and book one of our serviced City apartments for your next business trip!

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