Nomadic Travel and Remote Working in Serviced Apartments

Nomadic Travel and Remote Working in Serviced Apartments

Nomadic Travel and Remote Working in Serviced Apartments
22nd July 2021

In 2020, remote working became the norm for millions across the globe. As businesses adapted their operations to function away from the office, so too did countless workers, converting dining tables and desks into temporary work stations to last the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just as remote work is now a viable option for many, nomadic travel has also entered the mainstream business consciousness. Formerly associated with extended vacations, nomadic travel now has a corporate contingent in the form of digital nomads – those who forgo regular office work (or even a permanent home) and choose to work remotely from wherever their travels take them.

As the world of business travel evolves, the benefits of serviced apartments and the multitude of ways in which they lend themselves to remote working and 'bleisure' travel are becoming more evident.

The convergence of serviced accommodation and nomadic travel

SilverDoor laptop bed city view nomadic travel
Digital nomads utilise the interconnectivity of remote working technology to work from anywhere, anytime

While the future nature of business travel remains unknown, best estimates point towards fewer journeys being undertaken by corporate travellers but for extended periods. The subsequent investment in remote work in the corporate sector, combined with the advent of fully fledged digital nomads, would result in a considerable increase of remote working business travellers worldwide.

The economic benefits of shifting to remote working are clear: with employers saving approximately $11,000 a year for every employee that works from home for just half of their working hours. Similarly, fewer commute journeys and less workplace energy consumption significantly reduces each employee’s work-associated carbon footprint.

But the nature of nomadic travel or bleisure working removes a ‘home’ base from the equation, generating other concerns for employers – namely employee wellbeing. Fortunately, this is an area in which serviced apartments excel.

Nomadic traveller wellbeing

nomadic traveller kitchen serviced apartment
With spaces in which to relax, dine, cook, work and rest, serviced apartments ensure an excellent standard of living for nomadic travellers

It is no secret that the space, privacy and self-sufficient lifestyle afforded by serviced apartments made them especially desirable for travellers during the pandemic. The ability to live independently, avoid unnecessary contact and socially distance as standard quickly exposed the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment as opposed to a hotel. The enhanced health and safety measures of serviced apartments, implemented via industry accreditation and SilverDoor’s compliance programme, also make them one of the safest forms of accommodation available.

Coupling distancing and hygiene measures with a self-sufficient environment, a serviced apartment provides an incredibly safe and comfortable living space – which in turn ensures wellbeing is at the core of a guest’s stay. Some of the key features of serviced apartments that provide the very best guest wellbeing include:

  • Optimum levels of comfort. Serviced apartments are on average at least 30% larger than hotel rooms, meaning guests can truly make themselves at home for the duration of their stay.
  • Interconnectivity. Serviced apartments almost always feature excellent telecommunications technology, meaning getting online to work remotely – whether from the apartments themselves or utilising on-site board rooms and office spaces – is easily achieved.
  • Completely self-sufficient living. Guests can exchange communal laundry facilities for a personal washing machine, restaurants for home cooking and cafés for a private work space.
  • Designated living areas. Separating sleeping and working areas not only improves the quality of both, but also provides much needed routine. In a serviced apartment guests can work at a desk, relax on the sofa and retire to the bedroom when they’re finished for the day.
  • Healthy eating. The inclusion of a fully furnished kitchen means healthy meals can be prepared, cooked and enjoyed in total comfort and convenience, and at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant or room service meal.
  • Space to stay fit. Maintaining physical health is easily achieved in a serviced apartment stay, by either working out in the space afforded, or utilising on-site gymnasiums and fitness centres where available.
  • Continued support. 24-hour support from our SilverDoor team means guests can rest assured that should any concerns, requirements or queries arise, they can quickly communicate with a friendly representative and expect a swift response.

All in all, serviced apartments manage to balance all the factors nomadic travellers are seeking in their temporary accommodation: independence, privacy, comfort, technology, homeliness, convenience and, should they need it, support – no matter where in the world they may be. All of this comes at no cost to the travelling lifestyle, but does ensure that guest wellbeing is consistently taken into account – providing reassurance to employers and travel managers, who can also utilise traveller tracking to maintain a clear understanding of their travellers’ locations and journeys.

Discover more reasons why serviced apartments are suited to corporate travellers, such as the most successful business travellers and those partaking in global relocation programmes.

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