Quarantine Accommodation made Simple with SilverDoor

Quarantine Accommodation made Simple with SilverDoor

Quarantine Accommodation made Simple with SilverDoor
12th May 2020

Last Updated: 29th July 2020

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the British Government announced a 14 day quarantine period for new arrivals to the UK in May 2020. The implementation of this new policy presented numerous challenges to essential business travellers, keyworkers, and those simply returning to the country. Although the quarantine period was lifted, further quarantine requirements face arrivals from certain countries in the EU, with concerns surrounding Spain signposting a potential second wave of the virus. Ensuring that these travellers are able to secure safe and adequate quarantine accommodation is of the utmost importance - and there is no accommodation better suited to the task than serviced apartments. With thousands of properties fully prepared for quarantine conditions, offering the safest possible environment for guests, serviced apartments are the best choice for accommodating new arrivals to the UK in this difficult time. 

Clean and safe living space

Quarantine accommodation space living room
All serviced apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival, meaning you can make yourself at home without worry

Since COVID-19 first manifested in late 2019, we, and indeed the business travel sector as a whole, have been paying close attention to the development of Government and WHO guidance as to minimise risk to our clients and colleagues. Furthermore, we have sought advice from leading accreditation bodies to assist us in sharing updated COVID-19 guidelines with our partners. We take duty of care to our clients incredibly seriously, and this is reflected not only in the diligent service we provide, but by the caring and conscientious staff who will be there to support you. By staying in regular communication with our property providers, we have worked for months to ensure the proper procedures are followed in every venue. Having worked to accommodate keyworkers throughout this crisis, we are experienced in implementing the necessary policies, in alliance with our partners, to ensure an optimum level of safety is always guaranteed. From the moment you make your enquiry, every aspect of your stay is considered. A period of deep cleaning, disinfecting and reduced contact is imposed on all apartments before and after any stay, meaning when you arrive every possible effort has been made to eliminate trace bacteria in and around your apartment. Furthermore, rigorous high-touch point disinfecting takes place regularly throughout all apartment buildings.

An apartment foyer
Foyers and other communal areas maintain a minimal use policy - meaning time spent within the building will be especially peaceful and safe for guests

All serviced apartment staff members have been fully trained to adapt to the new protocols in place to protect your safety. With social distancing in effect as soon as you enter the property, staff interaction is minimised and numbers of people in communal areas limited. Once your check-in is complete, you will be guided to your apartment at which point you can settle into your quarantine accommodation - your new home for 14 days, or longer should you require it. 

A Home-from-home Experience

Television and comfort in quarantine accommodation
With plenty at hand to keep you entertained, quarantine in a serviced apartment is the most comfortable option for many travellers

Self quarantine isn't a situation anyone would like to find themselves in, but a serviced apartment is the best form of temporary accommodation for the task. With a range of apartments offering privacy and convenience, your stay will be as comfortable as possible. Whereas a hotel room would be stifling, cramped and restrictive, a serviced apartment provides a complete living package, including a fully furnished kitchen allowing you to prepare your own meals in safety. With a living area featuring a HD TV and fast WiFi, you can also stay entertained in your spacious apartment, as well as complete work projects and attend virtual conference calls with colleagues. A serviced apartment allows you to work, rest and play in your own space - meaning you won't experience the typical loneliness brought about by staying in a cramped hotel room. You can even get our expert advice on working from home by reading our guide, as well as some baking recipes to make the most of your stay.

Working in a serviced apartment
Settling in to your apartment means you can work comfortably - maintaining a good level of motivation to get through the quarantine period

It is worth noting that, depending on your choice of apartment, additional features and services can also be utilised to make your life easier. From grocery shopping and delivery, to a 24 hour concierge providing virtually any assistance you require, the in-house staff will go above and beyond to maximise your comfort. As housekeeping is a standard aspect of all apartments, when quarantined you will continue to receive this service but at a modified level - meaning refuse and used linen and towels can simply be left outside your door for removal and replacement, respectively.

SilverDoor - With you every step of the way

We can assist with every aspect of your arrival into the UK. Safe, private ground travel from the airport to your apartment can be arranged by our experienced staff - minimising unnecessary exposure to others. With all details conveyed to you electronically, you need only meet your assigned transport provider at the allotted and agreed time to be safely extracted from the airport and taken directly to your apartment of choice. With traveller tracking also available via our sophisticated Orbi technology, your movements can even be tracked by both ourselves and your employers and colleagues to ensure any delays or issues can be swiftly resolved by our dedicated team. Minimising the chance of exposure at this crucial stage means that your quarantine accommodation remains completely clean, safe and sterile as the chance of infection from outside is severely reduced. 

On the phone when in quarantine accommodation
The SilverDoor Apartments team is just a phone call or click away

Our dedicated team is here to help. If you require quarantine accommodation for yourself or a colleague, simply contact us today for personalised advice and assistance - and a friendly service that will stay with you throughout your journey.

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