Recipe box deliveries bring fresh produce to straight to your door

Recipe Box Delivery – The Perfect Way to Cook

Written by on 4th June 2020
Category: Business Travel

The virtues afforded by a recipe box delivery or home meal kit are limitless for a busy business traveller at the best of times, so during a national lockdown have proved themselves as a saviour once more. Not only do they eliminate the chore of braving the supermarket, they also ensure travelling professionals and essential business travellers are nourishing their body with truly good food: gone are the days of relying on fast food takeaways and microwave meals while away on a corporate trip.

Many wholesale restaurant suppliers and top restaurants have adapted their service to offer home recipe box delivery; initially to combat the surplus stock of temporarily closed establishments, and now just because it works and because consumers need it more than ever. We’ve seen an influx of brand innovation tailored towards those who are too busy to do the food shop every week or cook every evening and simply those who are beginning to find meal planning and preparation a rather laborious task. Read on to feed your curiosity and your stomach with all the best home recipe box delivery services to make the most of in your serviced apartment.

Feast Box

An Asian recipe box delivery will satisfy your spice craving
Feast Box deliveries are full of ingredients from all over the world to create authentic Asian cuisine

When it comes to selecting your choice of recipe box delivery, Asian cuisine always hits the spot after a busy day at work. The creators of Feast Box source ingredients from all over the world to create the most authentic Asian meal boxes from a weekly selection of dishes: kebabs, salads, rice bowls and vegan options all feature on the menu. From £5 per portion, you can either subscribe for regular deliveries if you’re staying a while or order a one-off treat if you’re just passing through. Staying in a serviced apartment allows guests the luxury of the best of both worlds: cook when you like and order in with ease, but most importantly eat on your time.

Abel & Cole

Worried that travelling for essential business will force you to compromise on fresh, nutritious food? Fear not, as in a serviced apartment you can order fresh produce and store it safely in your own fridge and cupboards. Abel & Cole offer a variety of fresh recipe box delivery options in a range of categories, from prepare in 20 minutes or less, to proper foodie dishes so they have something for every kind of working professional.

Bonus: Abel & Cole are environmentally conscious, too, with a returns programme for all recyclable packaging to limit waste.

Fresh, organic produce delivered to your door is ideal for business travellers
Organic produce may not be the first food you associate with temporary accommodation, but you can easily have a fresh recipe box delivered to your serviced apartment

Mindful Chef

Free range meat, organic veg and no refined carbs, Mindful Chef is the recipe box delivery tailored towards a business traveller who cares about good taste as much as great nutrition. All recipes are comprised of fool-proof steps and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less so are ideal if you’re not an aficionado in the kitchen or are working around a busy schedule. Smoothies and ready meals also feature on the menu with every ingredient responsibly sourced. Starting prices are low at less than £5, and paying for a set amount of deliveries will lower the cost even further.

Bonus: For every meal sold, a school meal is paid for for a child living in poverty.

La Tua Pasta

Fresh pasta deliveries are always a good idea
Pasta is a great option for a busy business traveller looking to refuel after a day of corporate commitments

2020 may go down in history as the year pasta vanished: there was a time when it was impossible to source your favourite Italian dish at a supermarket so brands like La Tua Pasta are vital in satisfying the nation’s pasta craving. Their very simple, very effective premise is fresh, artisan pasta, sauces and toppings – Italian meals delivered to your door, ready to eat within minutes. Pasta is a hearty dish perfect for fuelling your body ahead of an important day of essential work or after an apartment-based workout.

Bonus: For every order placed, La Tua Pasta donate a free meal to an NHS frontline worker.

Detox Kitchen

Designed with nutrition in mind, Detox Kitchen offers healthy meal plans, snacks and juices to fit around your schedule. With a motto to ‘work with your body, not against it’, you won’t find any gluten, refined sugar or dairy on the menu, instead the meal boxes are stripped back to basics without compromising on flavour. Sharper mental clarity, improved mood, higher energy levels and better well-being are all promised; the ideal combination for a busy business traveller.

Now For The Extras

The Roasting Shed

A food delivery wouldn't be complete without coffee
If you’re treating yourself to the luxury of ease and taste with your meals, why not do the same with your favourite beverages?

Responsibly sourced speciality coffee beans are what The Roasting Shed are known and loved for with a tried and tested philosophy to roast their beans in small batches to ensure each unique flavour is nourished and enhanced. Their online shop also features all the best equipment needed to make a barista standard coffee in your own kitchen. If drinking coffee is as much a normal part of your working day as brushing your teeth, it’s high time you invested in the good stuff and treated yourself to regular home deliveries.


Remote office drinks are the new thing since the world starting working from home, but who can admit to forgetting to replenish their drinks fridge before realising: ‘it’s Friday again already?’. Brewgooder do exactly what it says on the can: a beer delivery service with a pledge to use profits to do good around the world; funding projects like supplying clean water to developing countries. As if we needed another excuse to treat ourselves to proper beer straight to our doorstep.

Whether you’re stopping in a new city for just one night, or relocating for a year or two, recipe box deliveries are the perfect way to get good food easily. Subscribe to a repeat order, choosing different meal options when you like, or treat yourself one evening when you’re too busy to cook. A varying, balanced and nutritious diet is imperative to the well-being and productivity of a professional travelling for business, and a recipe box delivery eliminates the hard work associated with maintaining one. For a proper relaxing night in, order your recipe box and relax in front of the TV while you enjoy it.