Serviced accommodation in China

Serviced accommodation in China

Serviced accommodation in China
29th April 2013

According to an article in China Daily, China continues to see a huge influx of foreign invested companies and employee relocation, keeping the demand for serviced accommodation strong. The country has seen a shift in its policy and is trying to reduce its dependence on exports to increase domestic demand. China’s buoyant economy attracts a healthy number of relocating clients and, in line with the supply and demand theory, serviced apartment operators need to continue to source the right products in the right places.

According to the latest report from DTZ, an international property consulting company, the overall occupancy for the expatriate lease market in Shanghai was in excess of 90 per cent during 2012. SilverDoor has seen an increase in demand for serviced apartments in China, with Shanghai and Hong Kong being the most sought after destinations. New locations recently added include Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Xiamen and numerous Beijing districts. Remote Chinese cities are also experiencing a sudden increase in corporate housing options due to the improvement in economic development. Choices are still limited, but the early footprints are visible and the outlook is positive.

“China is ideal for serviced apartments because people who travel there stay for longer periods” says Paddy Hegan, our Partner Relations and Rates Manager – International. In 2012, serviced apartment operators announced their plans to maintain a rapid growth in China by adding more apartment blocks every year for the next three to five years to meet the increased demand.

If you’re looking to travel to China on business, SilverDoor can provide you with the best options for China serviced apartments from Beijing to Shanghai. 

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