Pancakes with fruit and sugar

Pancake Day in your serviced apartment

Written by on 17th February 2015
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What a treat! It’s Pancake Day and you have a fully equipped kitchen in your serviced apartment calling out to be used to whip up some tasty crêpes, pannenkoeken, blinis or pikelets (depending on where in the world you spent your childhood).

Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day marks the start of Lent and traditionally, forty days of fasting for Christians. Making pancakes used to ensure the last ingredients in the kitchen were used up before beginning your fast but these days it’s an excuse to overindulge and eat a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting.

We’ve put together a few recipes from around the world that you can prepare in your serviced apartment this Pancake Day.

USA – Buttermilk pancakes

The secret to keeping your American style pancakes light and fluffy? Lumpy batter apparently!

France – Crêpes

The American pancake’s more refined, distant relative; the French crêpe is delicate and delicious.

Netherlands – Pannenkoeken

A classic European pancake is a little thicker than a crêpe, but definitely thinner and larger than the American. Slightly differently, it’s finished off in the oven. Fill with bacon or apple and raisins for the true Dutch pannenkoeken experience.

Russia – Blinis

Russian blinis should be topped with caviar and accompanied with a glass of Champagne – or a shot of vodka.

Australia – Pikelets

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding this little Aussie pancake – or is it a crumpet?

UK – Pancakes with sugar and lemon

We Brits like to keep things simple – basic pancake batter with sugar and lemon on top.  Perfect!

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