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At SilverDoor we pride ourselves on our employees’ lively personalities, so when we look for new members of staff we don’t just examine their qualifications and skills but think about how they will fit into the company. A lot of thought and care is put into recruitment, which means it can take time to find the right person, but it pays off in the long run. Because members of staff communicate well and enjoy a good working atmosphere, we have numerous long-term employees who are happy in their jobs.

SilverDoor has experienced rapid growth over the last six months. Several departments have been restructured and a total of 27 new employees have joined as a result. The Online Media, Data and Marketing Department has seen the biggest growth and has been split into three separate teams: Data, PR & Marketing and Online Strategy. This has enabled each member of staff to focus on the areas in which they are most skilled, rather than taking on lots of tasks in different areas.

Our 27 new employees come from varied backgrounds: some are graduates, including former placement students who have returned to the company, some have many years of experience and some are undergraduates undertaking a year-long placement with us.

This growth in numbers is necessary to support SilverDoor’s continuing expansion but new recruits can be really beneficial in other ways too, bringing in fresh ideas and ensuring that we stay innovative and don’t get fixed in our ways.

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