SilverDoor & Trees4Travel Partnership

SilverDoor & Trees4Travel Partnership

SilverDoor & Trees4Travel Partnership
7th April 2021


SilverDoor is committed to not only reducing its carbon footprint, but also making serviced apartments the most environmentally friendly form of business accommodation on the market. While we have always recognised that serviced apartments have an environmental benefit over hotels - producing less than half of a single hotel room’s 31.1kg of CO2 a night - we are determined to go further to make our business, and the wider industry, more environmentally friendly.

Enter Trees4Travel – our partnered sustainability technology company providing a simple, tangible and inexpensive option to our clients wishing to offset their carbon footprint through the planting of indigenous trees and reforestation.

Trees4Travel is part of the World Economic Forum’s community driven initiative led by the United Nations Environment Program to ensure the conservation and restoration of one trillion trees within this decade. Trees are the best absorbers of CO2 – planting more trees and reducing deforestation enables carbon emissions to be offset. By committing to plant trees as part of their travel programme, clients can move their business one step closer to carbon neutrality – and ultimately harmonise business travel with the environment.   

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