London: Small Car Big City

Written by on 8th November 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

People talk about viewing New York City’s skyline from the top of the Empire State Building, scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and going on safari in South Africa. Travelling half way across the world to see these famous landmarks is all very well but have you actually taken the time to appreciate your own surroundings?

Last month one of our property partners Think treated SilverDoor to Small Car Big City.  Five Mini Coopers pulled up outside our office and in true Italian Job style we put on our boiler suits, threw on our flat caps and climbed into the classic cars to begin our tour of London.

Driving through famous landmarks such as Regent Street, Park Lane and The Strand, I saw myself as the old boot moving along the Monopoly board. It made me realise I’d spent my time bypassing so many places on the underground and after living in London for three months I still hadn’t actually seen London.

I wonder how many Londoners haven’t been on the London Eye, or how many people living in India haven’t visited the Taj Mahal and how many in China haven’t seen the Great Wall?

When we relocate we often have a list of things we want to do and see, but it’s all very easy to get wrapped up in our busy schedules and forget. If you’re only on a business assignment in Paris for a couple of nights you won’t have the time to climb the Eiffel Tower. On the other hand, for longer stays, as the excitement settles and you fall into a routine, all too often we forget to appreciate what’s in front of us.

Driving past the Houses of Parliament and viewing London’s landmarks out of a Mini Cooper’s window, Small Car Big City put things into perspective. Whether you’re away on business, or even just at home, take the time to experience your surroundings. They say travel broadens the mind, but so does the Tate Britain museum just a short tube journey away.

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