Reining in spiralling expenses

Reining in spiralling expenses

Reining in spiralling expenses
9th January 2015

Serviced apartments offer the perfect accommodation solution to both the business traveller and the rising expenses account; saving your company money whilst ensuring employees have a comfortable and productive trip.

If the thought of saving money has got your attention, then let us explain just how the serviced apartment can help. SilverDoor can offer serviced apartments with a fully equipped kitchen ready for you to grab that bowl of cereal in the morning or whip up an evening meal. This alternative to eating out whilst travelling could save your company considerable money on expenses, something that the most forward thinking travel managers are starting to realise.

Stuart Winstone, Business Partnerships Director at SilverDoor notes how clients end up booking a budget hotel because the rate is a few pounds lower, but in the process are failing to consider the overall cost of the stay as well as the comfort of the employee. Stuart explains, “the large expenses that go hand in hand with extended hotel stays lead to spiralling costs and this is starting to be identified as a problem.”  Without the option to cook your own evening meal or to make a quick coffee in the morning, the restaurant bills quickly add up. Meals have been shown to be the third largest cost of the business traveller after airfare and accommodation, but this needn’t be the case.

So the idea of saving money sounds good, but how will the business traveller feel about trading in their Starbucks and room service for home cooked meals?  A study undertaken by The New York Times has shown that the majority of food expenses are spent at chain restaurants. Starbucks and McDonald’s prove most popular, with the lure of free Wi-Fi and quick, convenient meals drawing the weary business traveller in. However, whilst some may enjoy a Big Mac every now and then, if your stay away from home extends longer than a few days you may be keen to find a heartier option, but with the same convenience.

Many may turn to room service at this point - you still have Wi-Fi (albeit at a premium) and the convenience of eating in the privacy of your own room (albeit propped up in bed). However, hotels are reporting that guests are turning their backs on this luxury, frustrated by the high surcharges of room service and not feeling like they want to answer the door in their pyjamas at 11pm in the evening. Again serviced apartments offer the solution. The pleasure of cooking up your favourite meal in your own kitchen is something that should not be underestimated when you’re jetlagged, missing home and have an early morning meeting to prepare for.

So, if you are a business with a distinct pattern of extended over-night stays, projects or relocations, our self-catering serviced apartments offer the perfect solution to your accommodation and expenses woes.

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