Sustainable business travel in London

Written by on 29th March 2012
Category: Business Travel

It’s not long now until the start of the London Olympics, which have spurred huge investment in east London. All this construction has taken place with the future in mind and the organising committee claims this is the greenest ever Olympic Games. Many buildings have been designed to use energy-intensive resources as little as possible and the surrounding Lea Valley area, which has suffered from decades of pollution, has been transformed.

The Olympic Games have also led to the development of new accommodation options across the city. All developments now have to adhere to the London Housing Design Guide, which places a great deal of focus on the environment. For example, all new housing developments must provide low carbon and renewable energy generation (on-site where feasible) as well as ensuring that they meet the highest standards of sustainable design and construction.

There are also plenty of existing apartment building operators which place emphasis on sustainability. For example, Woburn Apartments and Doughty Street  incorporate environmentally friendly features.

Across the UK and Ireland, Premier Apartments are dedicated to being environmentally responsible and all of their properties have been awarded Silver Level by the official Green Business audit team. They try to avoid waste whenever possible and recycle cardboard, paper, bottles, printer cartridges and electrical equipment. The apartments also include recycling facilities. Take a look at one of Premier Apartments’ properties here.

To promote properties which provide such facilities, we’ve introduced ‘Recycling facilities’ and ‘Energy saving features’ fields into our property profiles – making it easier for environmentally aware guests to make an informed decision. In fact, serviced apartments are generally a greener choice, allowing guests to reduce energy consumption and minimise food waste – read more about this here.

When travelling to business meetings in London, public transport is usually the most environmentally friendly way of getting around, but it’s also generally far quicker than negotiating the capital’s chaotic roads. Walking or cycling to the office is also better for your wallet and the environment; this isn’t for everyone, but if you do wish to reduce the commute to your workplace while staying in the city, SilverDoor will be happy to advise you on the best London serviced apartments to choose.