The 6 Best Restaurants in Cologne for a Business Lunch

The 6 Best Restaurants in Cologne for a Business Lunch

The 6 Best Restaurants in Cologne for a Business Lunch
18th November 2021

When visiting Cologne on business, or indeed any city, one of the key questions asked by business travellers surrounds recommendations for places to eat. Luckily, we have utilised our expertise in the culinary scene of the German city to establish a list of the six best restaurants in Cologne for a business lunch.

Traditional German cuisine is focused heavily on bread, potatoes and meat and often served with sauerkraut. Pork is particularly favoured, with bratwurst and pork knuckle two of many iconic German dishes. Germany is also famous for its beer, with Cologne in particular famous for the Kölsch brewing style. The city is home to a number of traditional German restaurants that are perfect for a business lunch in Cologne. There is also a number of international restaurants in Cologne which are well worth trying. When taking a client out for lunch, be sure to refer to our six favourite restaurants in Cologne. Likewise, check out our guide to the five best Serviced apartments in Cologne for business travel.

1) Peters Brauhaus

When conducting a business lunch in Cologne, be sure to pay a visit to Peters Brauhaus on Mühlengasse. Peter Brauhaus is the best microbrewery in Cologne, serving up a range of top quality German beers and a selection of traditional German foods. Peters Kölsch is their flagship beer, brewed in traditional Cologne style. Their menu includes pork knuckle, an incredible dish served with sauerkraut. Peters Brauhaus is an excellent place to take a client for lunch when on business in Cologne. The interior is stunning, with painted glass ceilings contrasting with traditional German décor.


Peters Brauhaus Cologne
Peters Brauhaus in Cologne

2) Le Moissonnier

Cologne is not only great for traditional German food, the city is home to a collection of international cuisine. One of the finest restaurants for a business lunch in Cologne is Le Moissonnier, a traditional French bistro. Located on Krefelder Straße by Hansaring station, this Michelin Star Cologne restaurant offers a range of traditional French food with a complementing selection of vintage French wines. This charming bistro is understated, with its closely packed tables created a homely atmosphere. Since 1987, French chef Eric Menchon has been cooking innovate cuisine that is truly unique. 

3) Bei Oma Kleinmann

Bei Oma Kleinmann is a family-owned restaurant famous for its bargain prices and giant Viennese schnitzels. This Cologne restaurant is incredibly popular, so be sure to make a reservation in advance as it is often filled to capacity. Bei Oma Kleinmann was ran by Paula Kleinmann well into her 90s and today still offers a great selection of traditional German food. The best thing about this eatery is the homely feel. For a casual business lunch in Cologne, look no further than Bei Oma Kleinmann on Zülpicher Straße.


Viennese Schnitzel
An appetising Viennese schnitzel

4) Da Damiano

Located by Köln Hauptbahnhof, this Italian restaurant cooks classic Italian recipes and Mediterranean cuisine. Damiano Pizzichetti is the head chef of the delightful Da Damiano Italian restaurant, with the eatery having a modern vibe which makes it perfect for a business lunch in Cologne. The menu is thoroughly delicious, with Da Damiano considered amongst the best Italian restaurants in the city. Our recommendations are the beef fillet carpaccio with seasonal truffle and the lamb in foaming butter! Da Damiano also offers a splendid range of Italian wines to accompany your business lunch in Cologne.

5) Brauerei zur Malzmühle

Located in the heart of the Old Town, Brauhaus Malzmühle is a family run brewery dating back over 150 years. It has such a reputation that former US President Bill Clinton dined at the brewery when visiting Cologne. Brauerei zur Malzmühle serves up delightful Kölsch beer and traditional German food. Try the ‘‘Brauhaus Platter’’, a specialty dish stacked with marinated beef, pork knuckle, sauerkraut, red cabbage and mashed potatoes, or ‘‘Heaven and Earth’’, another specialty containing black pudding. When seeking an eatery for a business lunch in Cologne, Brauhaus Malzmühle is worth visiting.


Pork Knuckle
An incredibly succulent Pork Knuckle

6) Gaststätte Lommerzheim

Our final recommendation is Gaststätte Lommerzheim, an eatery situated on the eastern side of the Rhine. Opened in 1959 by Hans and Annemie Lommerzheim, this charming restaurant is popular amongst locals. Maintaining a typical beer hall ambience with long wooden tables and a lively atmosphere, Gaststätte Lommerzheim offers a menu of regional German food. Their pork cutlets are famous! The bustling atmosphere and traditional German experience makes ‘‘Lommi’’ the ultimate Cologne restaurant. For a relaxed business lunch in Cologne, one simply cannot go wrong with Gaststätte Lommerzheim.


Bratwurst in Cologne
Bratwurst und Sauerkraut

Cologne is a German city regenerated and bursting with an abundance of restaurants perfect for a business lunch. Hopefully our blog has tempted you into trying at least one of these Cologne restaurants! When planning your trip to the German city, be sure to check out our serviced apartments in Cologne. Our guide to the 11 top things to see and do when on a business trip to Cologne is also extremely useful.

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