The Top 8 Whisky Experiences in Edinburgh for a True Scottish Flavour

The Top 8 Whisky Experiences in Edinburgh for a True Scottish Flavour

The Top 8 Whisky Experiences in Edinburgh for a True Scottish Flavour
11th October 2021

When thinking of Scotland, one of the first things that often springs to mind is whisky. The spirit has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years, with the first evidence of whisky production dating back to 1494. Today there are over 100 distilleries in the country. Although the Highlands are where whisky is predominantly produced, Edinburgh offers an abundance of true Scottish whisky experiences. Visiting the capital’s bars and restaurants is high up on our list of things to do at night in Edinburgh.

Is it Whisky or Whiskey?

Many reading this blog will wonder why we are using the spelling 'whisky' as opposed to 'whiskey'. The answer is the spirit is spelt 'whisky' in Scotland due to the dialect, with 'whiskey' the appropriate spelling in Ireland and the United States. Whichever way you spell whisky, we have compiled a list of 8 of the best whisky experiences for business travellers visiting the Scottish capital. It's worth keeping these in mind for when you book your trip to business trip to Edinburgh!


  • The Scotch Whisky Experience

No business trip to Edinburgh would be complete without taking time out to visit The Scotch Whisky Experience. Situated next to Edinburgh Castle at the top of the famous Royal Mile, the exhibition was opened in 1988 by 19 distilleries with the goal of showcasing Scotch whisky to international visitors. With over 3000 unique bottles, the collection is one not to be missed for whisky enthusiasts.

Scottish Whisky Experience in Edinburgh
The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh


  • Whiski Rooms

Whether a connoisseur or total newcomer to the world of Scotch whisky, the Whiski Rooms is a great spot for whisky tasting in Edinburgh. With over 300 single malts and blends and an excellent whisky shop adjoined, the Whiski Rooms is well worth its place on our list. Their daily whisky tastings are both fun and informative, making for a true Scottish experience.

Whisky Rooms Edinburgh
Whiski Rooms in Edinburgh


  • Teuchters Landing

Situated in nearby Leith, Teuchters Landing is a popular watering hole in the trendy Shore district. Famous for its Hoop of Destiny game, a unique take on Hoopla with an opportunity to win a dram of whisky, this bar offers over 90 varieties of Scotch. For business travellers on a tight schedule, Teuchters also has a whisky bar in Edinburgh city centre which is well worth visiting.       

Whiskey Tasting in Edinburgh
Whisky tasting at Teuchters Bar


  • Holyrood Distillery Tour

Founded by Canadians with a collective passion for Scottish whisky, Holyrood Distillery is the only single malt distillery located in Edinburgh. Situated by the picturesque Holyrood Park, the distillery places a huge emphasis on experimentation in producing high quality, full flavoured whisky. Their guided tour provides a unique opportunity to learn about how their whisky is distilled, with tastings included.

Holyrood Whisky Distillery Edinburgh
Holyrood Distillery courtyard


  • Black Cat

Our personal favourite, Black Cat located on Edinburgh’s lively Rose Street is a wee, traditional whisky bar with a fine selection of Scotch. The dim lighting and wooden furniture creates the perfect setting for a tasting. Black Cat is the ideal place for a novice to try whisky, with Black Cat’s knowledgeable bartenders going out of their way to explain about each whisky as you taste.

Whiskey Collection in Edinburgh
Whisky collection at Black Cat


  • Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Whisky is serious business in Scotland. In 1983 the Scotch Malt Whisky society was formed - a members club united in their commitment to sharing the world’s best whisky. The club operates Kaleidoscope Bar on Queen Street, as well as The Vaults, a former 18th century wine warehouse, in Leith. Both venues provide tutored tastings and an opportunity to sample top quality whisky.

Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh
Sampling whisky at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society


  • Bow Bar

Situated on one of Edinburgh’s most famous and picturesque streets, Bow Bar is a traditional Scottish pub offering an extensive range of 390 excellent whiskies from the Highlands. Voted ‘Best Pub in Scotland’ in 2017, this tavern is a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. Look no further than Bow Bar for a proper whisky tasting experience in Edinburgh.

Bow Street in Edinburgh
Edinburgh's famous Bow Street

  • Devil’s Advocate

Not sure about whisky? The bartenders at Devil’s Advocate will certainly strive to change your mind! Boasting over 300 whiskies, Devil’s Advocate has gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh. Based in an old Victorian pump house, no business trip to Edinburgh is complete without trying one of their award winning whisky based cocktails.

Whisky Cocktail in Edinburgh
Whisky cocktails at Devil's Advocate


Visiting any one of these whisky bars in Edinburgh is bound to give you a truly authentic Scottish experience. Whether it is meeting a client in the evening or kicking back and relaxing at the weekend, engaging in a spot of whisky tasting is simply a must do when on a business trip to Edinburgh.

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