The Best Serviced Apartments in Canary Wharf

Written by on 11th September 2020
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Complete with three shopping malls, an average salary of £100,000 and the convenience of nearby London City airport, Canary Wharf is one of the most attractive business destinations in the entire United Kingdom. Charming parks scattered across the district, particularly in the Southern region, provide a delightful contrast to much of London’s urban nature, naturally making the venue a popular spot for corporate visitors. Located on the abstractly named ‘Isle of dogs’, the area is host to a large array of serviced apartments, all of which provide a fantastic living space in a highly desirable location. Whether relocating for just a few days or perhaps a longer stay, read on to discover some of the best serviced apartments in Canary Wharf.

1. Fraser Place Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf city apartments don’t come much better than these Fraser Place luxury venues, located adjacent to the North Dock, as well as Blackwall Basin. This convenient placement ensures stunning views for guests, with many of the apartments boasting private balconies to enjoy the cityscape from across the water. Satisfaction for stayers is guaranteed as a result of the wide range of facilities available in house, such as a fitness suite, TV including Sky, and frequent housekeeping.

Canary Wharf night time

Aside from the luxury interior, a key feature for these Canary Wharf city apartments is their opportune location, being situated within 0.3 miles of 31 Restaurants according to Trip Advisor. This figure does not even include bars, of which there are plenty nearby. This guarantees ample opportunity to kick back, replenish and socialise when on a demanding business trip.

2. Sailmakers Apartments

Located below the South Dock, these lauded serviced apartments in Canary Wharf are again located on the water’s edge, however offer a much different look onto the docks from the Southern viewpoint. Being in the vicinity of Fraser Place, Sailmakers apartments are spoilt for choice in terms of nearby bars and restaurants, ensuring that no two nights out are the same.

Serviced Apartments Canary Wharf

The facilities on site are exemplary, with a business centre including meeting rooms, a roof terrace and fitness classes providing a one stop shop for business travellers’ needs. The amenities even stretch as far as to offer a relaxing spa if you’re willing to incur an extra charge: a small price to pay for an on-site service. The rooms are beautifully furnished, providing a modern, chic look that perfectly encapsulates the lively and stylish atmosphere our range of serviced apartments in Canary Wharf are known for.

3. Marriott Executive Apartments Canary Wharf

Marriott is a familiar face in the serviced apartment industry, with the name itself now a hallmark of quality and consistency. These Canary Wharf city apartments are no anomaly, and offer a marvellous stay for guests fortunate enough to secure a booking. Situated on the North West side of the dock, this destination is perfectly accessible by tube, with the nearest station a mere 10 minute walk away.

Marriott hotel rooms

Inside, iconic red velvet is accompanied by other indulgent decor to create a stylish part time home for business travellers in Canary Wharf. In terms of services available, these apartments are second to none, with air conditioning, TV including sky, and coffee machines all available within the comfort of the apartment. Additionally, the inside of the building also includes a fitness suite, business centre, 24 hour reception and places to eat and drink on site. Dining is not restricted to the Marriott however, with plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars within comfortable walking distance.

4. Riverside Serviced Apartment

Another Premium accommodation option south of the dock, Riverside serviced apartments are beautifully decorated and ideally located. These serviced apartments in Canary Wharf are the epitome of London style, with unique, plush decor making these rooms easy on the eye and a joy to spend the night in. These particular rooms are accessible by ferry, residing only a 15 minute walk from the nearest ferry port. A walk-on balcony provides clients with a sensational view, so fresh air in these roomy apartments is available in abundance.

Canary Wharf City Apartments

Canary Wharf city apartments are known for their fantastic views, and these Riverside rooms offer some of the best available. In terms of the apartment interior, portable air conditioning is available, as well as a personal coffee machine. The building also houses a fitness suite and can provide airport transfers for guests.

5. Millharbour Canary Wharf Apartment

Located further south of the previous apartments on the list, this Millharbour Canary Wharf Apartment is in a unique area that boasts a range of surrounding venues. The focus of this, one of the best serviced apartments in Canary Wharf however, is the internal features as pictured, with stunning sofas lining the walls following a beautiful colour scheme. These rooms really are for the interior lovers amongst you, with every attribute – all the way to the curtains – being meticulously designed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Serviced Apartments Canary Wharf

Nearby are plenty of different bars and restaurants as well as the Sir John Mcdougal gardens, an alluring expanse of greenery to escape from the built up surroundings. A walk-on balcony ensures that business travellers are able to take in the area in peace in these 1 bedroom apartments.

If you’re interested in booking any of the aforementioned serviced apartments in Canary Wharf, click here to confirm availability and reserve your place with us today. Our portfolio contains all of these apartments and more.