The Big Apple: The 6 Best Healthy Food Spots in New York

The Big Apple: The 6 Best Healthy Food Spots in New York

The Big Apple: The 6 Best Healthy Food Spots in New York
17th January 2023

The most densely populated major city in the United States, New York City is also known as NYC, the Big Apple, the Concrete Jungle, the Empire State, and the City that Never Sleeps. Along with cities like London and Paris, NYC is regarded as a global fashion hub. The top names in the industry gather each year for New York Fashion Week, and it’s events like this that drive busy periods for local businesses. So whether you're visiting the city for fashion week, on a business trip, or are relocating to the Big Apple, in order to help you feel your best, here are some healthy food restaurants in New York, ranging from quick bites to fancy dining.


Honeybrains Instagram Page
There's so much healthy food to pick from for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner

In the Empire State, Honeybrains may be the only restaurant serving only foods and beverages that are beneficial for the brain, vetted by both a neurologist and a nutritionist. They provide carefully prepared foods for breakfast, lunch, supper, or snacks like salmon-labneh toast, chai overnight oats, and steak bowls with coffee crust, as well as home-made juices, shots, and supplements. They also have a Brain Bar that serves coffee and tea enhanced with raw honey (and not with processed sugar).

They also provide a catering service that will provide you a delicious, healthy meal for your upcoming private or corporate event, whether it's served individual-style, buffet-style, or just as hors d'oeuvres. For some healthy food in New York, stop by this café and restaurant where everything is created from scratch and guaranteed to fuel your body and mind.

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls Instagram Page
A perfect slice of summer at any time of the year

Another restaurant serving healthy food in New York is Playa Bowls. Eating one of their acai bowls is like getting a taste of summer whenever you want, even in the dead of winter. Select a bowl from their innovative menu or create your own using a range of bases and toppings. You can even modify their bowls to be vegan, gluten-free, and to incorporate the Whole 30, keto, and paleo diets. Additionally, they provide poke bowls, oatmeal bowls, fresh juices, smoothies, and coffee. Eating healthy in New York is made easy at this Jersey Shore’s original acai bowl shop with 15 different locations in the city to choose from.


Springbone Instagram Page, Healthy food in New York
Springbone has a fully flexible menu for all palates

In the West Village, FiDi, and Williamsburg, you can find the paleo-inspired restaurant Springbone. While the meal is not entirely paleo, it is nutrient-dense, adaptable, and low in grains and sugar, with more veggies and higher-quality meat. The classic chicken broth and the completely gluten-free Mexican bowl are fan favourites. Broth, bowls, soups, sandwiches, and desserts are all available on the menu of this healthy food restaurant in New York, and they may be enjoyed there or delivered to your serviced apartment in the city.

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher's Daughter
This plat-based restaurant has lovely indoor and outdoor seating with live entertainment to make your experience amazing

One of the top places to eat healthy food in New York is The Butcher's Daughter, a plat-based café, juice bar, and "vegetable slaughterhouse." They use fresh fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat, chopping, filleting, and carving them into nutritious vegetarian meals. Their seasonal, daily changing menu is 100% vegetarian and offers several vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

Additionally, they offer the Adidas Runners Bowl produced in collaboration with Lottie Bildirici, an Adidas Runners nutritionist and recipe developer. With the accompanying recipe, you can now prepare both this dish and the Recharge Bowl in the fully equipped kitchen at your serviced apartment. This Adidas Runners Bowl would be perfect after running one of the top 8 running routes in the city. The live music entertainment is another feature that makes this location a popular choice for health food in New York; check out their music schedule prior to your visit.

12 Chairs Café

12 Chairs Cafe, New York healthy restaurant
This cafe is popular for business lunches 

Originally a small café (hence the name), 12 Chairs Café has grown to be a well-liked neighbourhood café/restaurant with a varied menu. There are two locations of this well-known restaurant, Williamsburg and Soho, but don’t let the name deceive you – you shouldn’t be waiting too long for a table as both of which contain more than 12 chairs! The fact that all the meals are homemade and prepared per order hasn't changed despite the restaurant's more than 10 years in the business, making it a long-standing choice for people eating healthy in New York.

Divya’s Kitchen

Divya's Kitchen, a place for healthy food in New York
If you're interested in cooking, Divya's is not only a restaurant but also offers cooking masterclasses

Divya's Kitchen, NYC's most authentic based Ayurvedic restaurant, is last but certainly not least when it comes to healthy food restaurants in New York. They use an Ayurvedic perspective to reinvent the cuisines of Italy, India, Asia, and the Mediterranean, creating recognisable recipes that are not only flavourful but also created for easy digestion. The menu features a variety of alternative grains, including house-milled sorghum, einkorn, and amaranth flours, as well as organic sweeteners like dates and sucanat. This eatery is popular with everyone, non-vegetarians included. In addition, Divya's offers culinary education and best-selling cookbooks produced by its executive chef and creator, Divya Alter.

Now that you have a list of the top places to eat healthy food in New York, you can brush up on the top 8 running routes in the city to be ready for a healthy business trip to the city. For any future business trip to the Big Apple, reserve a stay from our wide selection of serviced apartments in New York today.

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