The Happiest Place to Live in the Capital: Richmond Upon Thames

The Happiest Place to Live in the Capital: Richmond Upon Thames

The Happiest Place to Live in the Capital: Richmond Upon Thames
27th October 2020

Richmond upon Thames is an area with a lot to shout about, being consistently recognised as the happiest place to live in London. Inevitably, this sort of impressive feat doesn’t happen by accident, with a whole host of components contributing towards the best London quality of life on offer.

In a general sense, the statistics for the area are somewhat unremarkable when compared with other boroughs that surround. For instance, the inland area is very small, and the average age is above that of wider London.

So what exactly makes Richmond so special?

A multitude of factors. To start, a salary 69% above that of the national average is sure to brighten the daily moods of residents in Richmond, existing as both an already affluent area, as well as a rapidly growing corporate destination. High wages don’t necessarily make an area the happiest place to live, but increased earnings certainly don’t do any harm. Workers in Richmond are also statistically more job secure, boasting a lower unemployment rate (2.9%) than wider London (4.6%) and the UK as a whole (3.9%). The number of self-employed workers in Richmond also dwarves that of London and the UK. In fact, the blissful borough trumps both areas in almost every statistic, from economically active residents, to the level of academic qualifications attained. As an aforementioned affluent area, these figures won’t come as a surprise to many, but they certainly aren’t the only determining factor on what makes the area the happiest place to live in London.

Walking Locations

It is well documented that a leisurely stroll can be a healthy activity for the mind, body and soul (the latter lesser so documented). The setting for a head clearing walk is however of paramount importance, as areas saturated with greenery or bodies of water are generally able to provide a more revitalising environment than blocks upon blocks of urban developments. As such, Richmond is able to deliver in this department with aplomb, a whole host of rural options providing a hiker’s haven.


Richmond Park is perhaps the best known green escape in the area, and with good reason. The National Nature Reserve is a stone’s throw from central London, and offers magnificent trails, deer herds and duck feeding lakes suitable for all the family. Other highlights include a whole host of routes along the river Thames, and a Kew Gardens walk.


A standard hallmark of any successful borough is the cultural centre of the area. Between historical artefacts and stunning modern work displayed in galleries, cultural objects or areas of significance represent a fundamental cornerstone of an area’s identity, and that of its people. Richmond is an area with a huge array of museums and galleries, all with a different story to tell.

The Museum of Richmond is without a doubt the highlight of these cultural hubs, the grand centre providing both a comprehensive and compelling documentation of the market town’s history. The establishment also regularly hosts new events and exhibitions to keep the experience fresh and exciting, and is a venue fully supported by local residents.


Richmond Riverside Gallery is another popular attraction amongst residents of the Richmond area. The culture-rich art venue regularly displays unique temporary exhibitions, as well as traditional work from Richmond and surrounding areas. The fact that admission to both this venue and the Museum of Richmond is free, is just another example of what makes Richmond the happiest place to live in London.

Other cultural areas of note in Richmond include Richmond Atelier, Clarendon Fine Art, Canvas Gallery and the Bowman Gallery.

Bars and restaurants

Although primarily recognised for its beautiful leafy outdoor scenery, no borough is truly complete without a healthy slice of night life. The variety of bars and restaurants in the Richmond area is reflective of wider London - vibrant, high in quality and offering truly excellent in service. The London quality of life is synonymous with the fantastic service options afforded to guests, with unique establishments of all shapes and sizes available for residents and visitors of Richmond alike. It may be best to look at some of the Tripadvisor favourites of the area when choosing, including The Library Pot, La Dolce Vita and Be at One.


Why take a trip to Richmond?

As referenced in one of our earlier blogs, Richmond is a rapidly growing corporate destination, so business travel to the area will become a much more common occurrence in the near future. Extensive commercial opportunities as well as excellent transport links are just a few of the factors that make Richmond so appealing from the standpoint of a business stay, its appeal self-evident.

The area’s unique qualities make Richmond the happiest place to live in London. The greenspace is incomparable to that of the rest of London, offering some of the finest parklands in Britain.

Our previous blogs ‘The Growth of Richmond Business: A Corporate Destination’, and ‘The Five Best Corporate Serviced Apartments in Richmond’ offer insights into other aspects of Richmond as a borough, and will get you fully up to speed for your corporate trip to this fine location.

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