The Partner Relations behind serviced apartments

Written by on 3rd July 2014
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The serviced apartment sector can be quite complex and property operators have their own ways of working. SilverDoor’s Partner Relations team is constantly working with our partners to increase our portfolio of international serviced apartments, as well as creating and updating property pages to give a true reflection of the apartments that we represent. There are six main tasks we undertake on a daily basis. Every individual within the team is capable of handling any one of these tasks, but each person has their own specialism:

The Assessor

Alice Brunel-Cohen – Head of Supply Management

As well as being responsible for the Partner Relations team, Alice looks after all of our new and existing UK property partners. She regularly views new apartments to assess their suitability whilst keeping a firm grip on quality control.

The Envoy

Paddy Hegan – International Partner Relations Manager  

As an expert on foreign business etiquette, Patrick is always on the move. He travels the world meeting with new property partners and negotiating rates in far-flung places such as New Delhi, Stockholm and Singapore.

The Profiler

Katherine Offord – Senior Partner Content Coordinator

Katherine coordinates all of the property content for the UK and overseas, as well as assisting with the property inspection and verification programme. If new properties don’t make the grade then they’re out.

The Informer

Anant Wahad– Information Officer

Whilst communicating best practice in property safety and service standards to partners, Anant is also hard at work conducting research analysis on the serviced apartment sector.

The Hunter

Ben Sussex – Partner Relations Support

As one of our current placement students Ben’s specialism is researching and contacting new serviced apartment operators. This is particularly important in areas that are unrepresented.

The Collator

Isabel Beeby – Partner Relations Support

Also a placement student and Katherine’s wingman, Issy writes internal weekly property updates and collates the apartment special offers for SilverDoor’s Client Accounts Management department.

The Checker

Lise Marie – Partner Content Advisor

I’m mainly responsible for overlooking all property content on the SilverDoor website; ensuring that the information is business-like, factual and succinct – whilst also writing the occasional blog.

Should you have any queries about the Partner Relations team then contact us at [email protected], tweet us @LoveSilverDoor or leave a comment in the section below.

Lise Marie, Partner Content Advisor