The Smallest Homes in London

Written by on 19th November 2015
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With the typical new UK home measuring just 76m2, we’re living in more cramped conditions than ever before. But, it could be worse; spare a thought for those living in some of the smallest homes in London. It may be hard to be sympathetic to someone that’s paid over the odds for a shoebox flat in the heart of London but no one should be able to make an omelette and brush their teeth from the comfort of their own bed.



Situated in the enviable Princes Court on Brompton Road, this tiny one bedroom flat is somehow kitted out with a microwave, sink, hob and fridge. The staggering cost of rent is probably due to the fact that the flat is directly opposite Harrods and offers great views of the world famous department store. However, we’re not sure how much money you’d have left for caviar and designer clothing after you’ve blown nearly £4,000 on rent.


South Kensington

Now, this property gets you a bit more space for your money but, it’s still roughly the same size as a pop-up gazebo you’d see at a summer BBQ. The flat would be perfect for someone who prefers microwaved meals as, with no hob, that’s about all they’d be able to rustle up.



With enough space to swing at least two cats, this North London flat is the mansion of pint-sized property. Not only is it twice the size of the two homes above, it’s also the most cleverly designed of the bunch. The master bed sits neatly above the ‘living area’ but there’s also another bed which you can pull out if you’re lucky enough to have any visitors.


West Kensington

We’re not privy to the exact dimensions of this flat but, at just under 2m wide, it’s safe to say it’s on the small side. The proprietor of this property has taken the novel approach of installing a shower cubicle underneath the mezzanine bed and there’s also a 2-hob cooker, sink and pull-out table with two chairs for wining and dining.

The dumfounding, ever-increasing cost of living in London is at odds with the serviced apartment market. Many people are surprised to find that you can stay in a serviced apartment in central London from as little as £100 a night and space is one thing you certainly don’t have to compromise on. Studios are significantly more spacious than a hotel room and one bedroom apartments offer separate rooms to live and sleep in. We have thousands of serviced apartments available in London and, thankfully, there aren’t any where you can hop in the shower straight from your bed.

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