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The Top 7 Restaurants in Amsterdam for a Successful Business Lunch

Written by on 18th December 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation

Coming towards the end of another decade, globalisation has further evolved and thus, so has the need for business travel. Amsterdam has become a hotspot for a plethora of transnational corporations, start-ups and growing tech companies, making it one of Europe’s most visited cities for business. With this, there has also been an increased need to both impress and entertain travelling clients and partners. One of the most common ways businesses accommodates travelling parties is by taking them out for a lavish meal. Here, we will be going through some of the best restaurants to take guests on a business trip to Amsterdam, partnered with our nearest serviced apartment. If you are interested in finding out more about our available apartments in the city, head over to our article: ‘Top 5 Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam’.

Restaurant De Kas

One of Amsterdam’s many unique restaurants, Restaurant De Kas is situated in a Greenhouse-like building, right next to its vegetable gardens where they farm their own fresh produce. An interesting take on grow what you eat, the dishes are heavily vegetable based and can also be complemented with small amounts of fish or beef. Running with the organic methods they use for their delightful dishes, all of Restaurant De Kas’s wine is crafted via natural processes.

With sustainability being a key global issue in the current day, venues such as Restaurant De Kas are gaining far more attraction due to their environmentally efficient approach. The fact that businesses all over the world are focusing on lowering their carbon footprint means that heading to Restaurant De Kas whilst on a business trip to Amsterdam could be a perfect match.

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Studio apartment at Congress apartments
Space-efficient contemporary studio apartment at Congress Apartments


If you are dining to impress, you may want to venture further upmarket. The best of the best in terms of restaurants are those that possess a Michelin Star, which Bridges indeed does. Bridges restaurant primarily has a fish-based cuisine, accompanied by gorgeous sides of vegetables. With upper-class plates such as Lobster with sweetbreads and parsley root, as well as a €95 Wagyu beef dish, Bridges dining is certainly mouth-watering, even if the prices are a little eye-watering.

When looking at Amsterdam restaurants, Bridges offers a unique style of eating out. With the option of being able to dine at the ‘Chef’s Table’, this amazing experience allows you to join the chef in the middle of his kitchen and witness first-hand the effort that goes into being a Michelin Star restaurant. With over 1,500 bridges in the city, this restaurant is suitably named! For ‘10 interesting facts about Amsterdam’, head over to our blog here!

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Contemporary Kitchen and living area at Nieuwmarkt – Waag 3 Apartments
Sleek and spacious kitchen and living area at Nieuwmarkt – Waag 3 Apartments

Restaurant Bougainville

Another Michelin star restaurant based in the heart of Amsterdam, Restaurant Bougainville offers a panoramic view of the city, making it one of the most scenic Amsterdam restaurants. Situated inside Hotel TwentySeven, this restaurant is certainly at the higher end of the spectrum with dishes such as caviar, lobster and similarly to Bridges, Wagyu Beef.

A sleek, stylish and luxurious interior still manages to surpass expectations for a high-end Michelin star restaurant. If you are trying to amaze a new partner, then a restaurant such as Restaurant Bougainville has the atmosphere to dazzle.

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Luxury kitchen and living area at Oudezijds Achterburgwal apartments
The luxurious interior of one of the apartments at Oudezijds Achterburgwal

Cannibale Royale

If you are looking for a hearty meal in the centre of Amsterdam, then Cannibale Royale is one of the best options around. With a plethora of different meat plates on offer, this restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. Some of their most popular meals include their flame-grilled rack of lamb or the Le Cannibale Royale Burger, accompanied with their homemade fries makes for a satisfied stomach.

If you are entraining guests during a business trip to Amsterdam, this restaurant is perfect for the meat-eater, but maybe not so ideal for a vegetarian or vegan guest. This restaurant also has a superb selection of craft beers, cocktails and a wine list to match the diverse food menu. This Amsterdam restaurant’s lively atmosphere accommodates those looking for an entertaining night.

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Spacious living are at Canal Apartments
Decadent interior with bay windows at the glorious Canal Apartment by Cityden

Meatless District

In contrast to the previous restaurant, Meatless District is far more suited to those that don’t eat meat. Aptly named, Meatless District is a 100% vegan restaurant that makes gorgeous dishes through the use of fresh and organic produce. With two locations in the centre of Amsterdam, these restaurants are easily accessible from all parts of the capital.

With plates such as butternut squash risotto, red curry, and a mushroom and lentil pie, this restaurant has the ability to satisfy all types of diets and at an affordable price too. If you are planning on visiting the capital whilst on a business trip to Amsterdam, why not entertain a colleague, partner or client to a delicious, healthy alternative.

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Bedroom at Rozengracht Apartments
A stylish double bedroom at Rozengracht Apartments
Living area at De Pijp Apartments
The light interior at De Pijp Apartments, perfect for a summer or spring trip

Café-restaurant Stork

If you are looking to try some of Amsterdam’s finest fish and seafood plates, not many look further than Café-restaurant Stork. Fittingly for a seafood restaurant, Café-restaurant Stork provides exquisite views across Amsterdam’s harbour, on the eastern suburbs of Amsterdam. Known for serving up seasonal fish-based dishes, including a special ‘Catch of the Day’ main course and several shellfish platters, this critically-acclaimed restaurant provides a multitude of options – perfect for when on a business trip to Amsterdam.

When on business travel to Amsterdam, it is very easy to get lost amongst the canals and picturesque streets, especially when you may not have the time to partake in tourist activities. However, being a quieter region of Amsterdam, the docks provide some stunning views and a retreat from the bustling evening streets.

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Bedroom at Arend Harbour Apartments
Simplistic, yet fashionable bedroom at Arend Harbour Apartment

Café-restaurant De Plantage

De Plantage in Amsterdam is an area full of character. With plenty of spacious green areas, including Amsterdam’s botanical gardens, this neighbourhood acts as a pleasant escape from the busy streets. If experiencing a different side of the city is what you would like to achieve whilst on business travel to Amsterdam, then Café-restaurant De Plantage is the restaurant for you.

With a European inspired menu, Café-restaurant De Plantage has mains ranging from King Oysters to Iberian pork belly, satisfying the taste buds of many of its customers. If you are planning on having a more relaxed vibe for your business trip to Amsterdam, then this restaurant is absolutely perfect. With a gorgeous exterior, this restaurant provides a beautiful façade, especially in the darker hours of the day.

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Open plan view of the living area of Christine apartment
The brilliant beams that tower over the Christine Apartment

Covering the board in terms of price, diets and location, there is sure to be an apartment perfect for your business trip to Amsterdam. Planning on heading to Amsterdam on business travel soon? Why not check out our website via the link here.