Things to do in Munich: Christmas Markets and More

Things to do in Munich: Christmas Markets and More

Things to do in Munich: Christmas Markets and More
2nd December 2020

As we have previously established, there is much to do in Munich when visiting on business. But the German city truly comes alive in the winter months when its resplendent architecture is liberally adorned with Christmas décor and its streets are speckled with snow. For your comprehensive guide of things to do in Munich, Christmas Markets and all, look no further.

Marienplatz Christmas Market and Square

The intricately designed, neo-gothic New Town Hall features prominently in Munich's Marienplatz square

Munich is famed for its markets, and none is quite as revered as the Christmas market held in Marienplatz square. Providing a quintessentially Christmas atmosphere with its grand Christmas tree, sensational lighting and bountiful traditional stalls, the Marientplatz square market and surroundings are bound to not only imbue you with Christmas spirit, but also provide all the Christmas gifts you could ever require. Although the market itself is closed in 2020, it promises to return in 2021 - and in the meantime the area's Christmas atmosphere is going nowhere. Beyond the main square market, the nearby Neuhauser Strasse is filled with lantern-illuminated nativity scenes, whereas Theresienwiese is home to craft stalls, concerts, and food and drink venues. In short, when looking for things to do in Munich, Christmas Markets in Marienplatz provide the perfect starting point. 

Munich's Parks

Nymphenburg's Royal Park is just one of the many beautiful areas to explore during your winter stay in Munich

Though Munich in December is certainly not warm, it does benefit from beautiful light and crisp, wintry afternoons. Capitalise on that 'just got in from the cold' feeling by exploring one of the city's many glorious parks before enjoying a glass of something warming during your Christmas visit to the city. Nymphenburg Palace provides sprawling regal grounds filled with water features and sculpted landscapes for an enchanting winter walk - an especially popular location for photographers. The more central English Garden is not only Munich's largest park, but is also one of the largest urban parks in the world. With vast open fields - perfect for football if you're feeling particularly adventurous in the winter months - and countless paths for walking, jogging and cycling, English Garden is frequented by thousands of the city's inhabitants every day, offering a true city escape at any time of year. The park is also famous for Kleinhesseloher Lake - which, when frozen, is perfect for ice skating. For something a little more rugged, Hirschgarten deer park is filled with roaming wildlife and woodland. Did we mention it's also home to the world's largest beer garden, with seating for up to 8,000 people? It may well be worth a visit... 

Churches and City Views

Some of Munich's churches provide stunning views of the city from a magnificent vantage

The aforementioned architecture lining Munich's stunning streets can often be attributed to the city's impressive range of churches. Whether you seek to capture these structures from street level with your phone camera, or wish to explore inside to examine the ornate masonry within, a trip around these city-defining structures at Christmas is a must. St. Peter's Church is the oldest Catholic Church in Munich. Featuring breath taking Bavarian Romanesque architecture, and a monumental ceiling fresco, St. Peter's is a sight to behold. But the true spectacle can be found at the top of the church's 306 step tower - where you are treated with a panoramic view of the city in all its Christmas regalia. Moving from above ground to below, St. Michael's Church offers a completely different, but equally profound, experience. This Jesuit church is the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps and benefits from an impressive facade and an intricate interior design. The church's crypt is its major draw, housing several notable figures including King Ludwig II, Maximilian I and William V. Finally, the unassuming Burgersaal is a two-storey Baroque style building in the city centre. Originally a meeting hall, the building has been used a church since 1778, and features an awe inspiring upper floor filled with religious artworks, including thirteen pilgrimage paintings by Franz Joachim Beich. The church itself is a place of pilgrimage for those wishing to pay homage to the anti-Nazi priest, Rupert Mayer, for whom a shrine exists within the building. 

Visit Germany's Highest Peak

A trip to Germany's highest peak, Zugspitze, provides the perfect end to a Munich Christmas trip

There are many things to do in Munich; Christmas Markets and city exploring provide the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. But nothing can come close to enjoying a view from the country's highest peak, Zugspitze. A train ride or car journey will transport you to Garmisch-Partenkirchen - a German ski resort in Bavaria. Skiing not your forte? Worry not - you can reach the peak in complete comfort and warmth, all the while enjoying the spectacular surroundings. A cog-wheel train climbs the 3,000 meters for you, and even affords the opportunity to get out, stretch your legs and play in the snow before you continue your journey. The peak itself features a cafeteria serving the highest Brauwurst in Germany, as well as the chance to journey down to the border with Austria which you can cross as many times as you please. Surrounded by the snow, mountains and picturesque German and Austrian mountain towns, we guarantee you will feel the ultimate Christmas high. 

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