Top 12 Singapore Lifestyle Blogs

Written by on 16th May 2018
Category: City guides

Singapore is a country best explored on foot, but how are you to know where to go without the right resources in place. Luckily there are lots of websites out there to help bring you up to speed with what it has to offer.

We’ve scoured the internet in search of relevant content on the country, and come up with a list of recommendations, broken down by subject area. Here are 12 Singapore lifestyle blogs to get you started.


1. Mitsueki

Mitsueki, aka Daphne knows everything there is to know about fashion, food, and travel. Her blog is updated on a daily basis, and peppered with lots of fun stories and anecdotes. Her site includes a food directory, as well as various travelogues.

2. Ladyironchef

For all the latest food reviews and restaurant recommendations, look no further than Ladyironchef. Brad Lau, the editor behind the site, is a leading food writer and online personality who draws on personal experiences to give us honest analyses of the dining places he visits.

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3. Seth Lui is Singapore’s highest read food blog. It provides a comprehensive breakdown on where to eat and drink, and also boasts its own dedicated nightlife section – ideal for those who like to party into the early hours. No matter your taste or budget, there’ll be something to take your fancy on here.


4. RainbowDiaries

RainbowDiaries is a go-to parenting blog that combines a wide variety of content. It features everything from touching stories to product reviews, and is centred on the life and times of Shub – a Singaporean mom of two who lives and breathes what she writes about.


5. Seedly Blog

Seedly helps users make more intelligent decisions when managing their finances by providing a budgeting app that does the hard work for you. It’s both a website and a blog that offers lifestyle hacks, investment knowledge and personal finance advice.

6. Budget Babe

The one they call budget babe is an ordinary lady in Singapore destined to achieve financial freedom by the age of 45. Her blog looks at frugal ways to live a fulfilling existence, amidst Singapore’s rising rent and living costs, and deals with such issues as personal finance and career development.


7. Vivian Tian

Vivian Tian’s blog has a simple look and feel, with articles appearing on its homepage in chronological order. A large part of her focus is beauty and fashion, but she also blogs about movies and photography.  She’s a frequent user of Instagram, and loves a great selfie.

8. StrawberryCoatedKisses

Angeline Yeh’s lifestyle blog is as fun as the title suggests – a colourful coming together of content on parenting, beauty, skincare and fashion. Angeline herself is both an interior designer and DJ and somehow manages to juggle it all with being a mum at the same time.


9. TechieLobang

Joh Teh, the founder of TechieLobang, gives us all the top tech news from around the world. Stationed in Singapore, he works with a number of big brands and has helped to introduce them to a wider audience. When he’s not dissecting mobile devices he’s analysing funky new wearable tech.


10. Parka Blogs

A personal blog centred on art, Parka is divided into a number of interesting sections and categories. Many swear by its art book reviews, but the site also plays host to videos, sketches and courses from its founder Teoh Yi Chie.


11. TheSmartLocal

Self-titled “the leading travel and lifestyle portal”, Smart Local brings together an impressive selection of shopping, food, beauty and culture content. It offers detailed area guides, wonderful staycation ideas and riveting insights into Singapore life in general.

12. mrbrown

This deliciously offbeat blog, from the mind of Mr Brown himself, brings us up to speed on all the miscellaneous elements of Singaporean life and is rich in satire. Get lost in Brown’s random rants and strange stories, or simply marvel at his brilliant photos.