Top Food Bloggers Share Their Favourite Recipes for Serviced Apartments

Top Food Bloggers Share Their Favourite Recipes for Serviced Apartments

Top Food Bloggers Share Their Favourite Recipes for Serviced Apartments
31st July 2018

Having the ability to cook your own food in a serviced apartment is a great asset to any business traveller. All those trips away can get very expensive, and eating out every day isn’t always cost-effective.

A typical serviced apartment boasts a full kitchen with a fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and everything else you might possibly need to play chef.

We put the question of cooking in serviced apartments to a number of food bloggers, who, in return, gave us their top recipe recommendations:

Tinned Tomatoes

Jacqueline Meldrum is a food writer and recipe developer from Scotland who focuses exclusively on vegan and vegetarian recipes for families. Her blog, Tinned Tomatoes, has been running since 2007, and brings together a range of different meals, dressings, dips and sauces. Lovers of Italian food are advised to try her creamy mushroom and leak risotto, which takes no more than five minutes to prepare, and 25 minutes to cook. For autumn, look no further than her autumnal noodle soup.

Dad in the Kitchen

A big part of sharing parenting duties is doing the cooking. Cyprian Bogacz, or Dad in the kitchen, is an occasional chef, whose meal ideas use simple ingredients and are great all year round. He may not have any formal cooking training behind him, but Cyprian certainly knows a thing or two about getting creative in the kitchen. His Spanish style chicken and chorizo is an excellent comfort dish, which goes brilliantly with roast potatoes and a glass of Pinot Noir. His French toast is also to die-for.

Cate in the Kitchen

Cate has been blogging about food since 2014. She’s gone from posting photos of her favourite meals to podcasting about them on her website, Cate in the Kitchen. While not a full-on veggie, she limits her intake of meat, and has a particular fondness for cake. We think her four quick (mostly) vegetarian dinners for spring work in any season and offer enough variety to be eaten back-to-back in a week. Our personal favourite is the tofu and spinach curry, described by Cate as the “easiest dinner in the world thanks to a vital shortcut….”

Playful Cooking

Kankana introduces her blog as a “culinary space, where I share my love of food and photography”. It gives us effortless recipes matched by jaw dropping visuals which put the fun back into cooking. Kankana grew up around good food and enjoys experimenting with ingredients. Her dishes are predominantly Indian and put nutrition first above all else. We simply adore her coconut, lemon and fish stew, and feel the blend of favours is perfect for summer. We’d also recommend her Indian spiced smashed potato salad.

I Am A Food Blog

This blog is a coming together of husband and wife, Steph and Mike, who are mad about food, and don’t hold back on the recipe front. They’re well-travelled and take inspiration from wherever they visit, be it Tokyo or Colorado. Their blog offers not just cooking basics, but also city guides and buying guides. Their meatball sub is easily thrown together using a mixture of mince, eggs, bread and cheese, and makes for a tasty lunch option. For breakfast, be sure to try their bacon avocado egg sandwich.

Milk With No Sugar

Ohio-based Phoebe is the author of the blog, Milk With No Sugar, and documents her love of food in an easy to navigate dashboard of tasty recipes which take influence from all over the world. Her concoctions range from traditional American fare like peanut butter cookies and cheeseburgers to a more British offering of toad in the hole and apple crumble. For a hearty take on a traditional tomato soup, look no further than Phoebe's homemade Tom + Chee.

Emma Eats & Explores

Emma is both a travel and food blogger. The destinations she visits are as colourful as the dishes she recommends, and she’s also partial to the odd restaurant review. Her recipes cover not just breakfast, lunch and dinner, but all snacking between. Her socca flatbreads contain just three ingredients and ideal for a light lunch or dinner. If you like your breakfast on the exotic side, why not give her Moroccan baked eggs recipe a go. Aside from the eggs themselves, all you need are a few simple spices and some basic veg.

The Petite Cook

The petite cook that is Andrea Soranidis has an impressive array of recipes to her name, and works only with wholesome ingredients. Originally from Italy, she loves a foodie adventure, and currently resides in London. If she's not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, then she's out reviewing dishes in a top restaurant, or taking photos of the places she visits. Her 30 quick & easy summer meal recipes are great for warmer months, and her easy peach muffins are an excellent grab-and-go breakfast option. Feeling thirsty? Why not try your hand at making her sublime orange spritz cocktail (pictured).

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