Top International Destinations to Relocate to

Top International Destinations to Relocate to

Top International Destinations to Relocate to
20th June 2018

We live in a world where people are constantly on the move, shifting from place to place in search of new locations to work in and call home. Some travel for short periods at a time, others relocate permanently.

As a leading serviced apartment provider, we play a part in helping to relocate assignees all over the globe, and have witnessed a steady increase in the number of room nights we book for our global mobility clients.

Drawing on data from the last two years, we’ve taken a look at our most booked international cities for global mobility to see which hotspots are most in demand.

Each city has been ranked from one to 10 across a number of categories using Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index 2018, and given an overall score out of 50:

We give you our top international destinations to relocate to.

City Safety Healthcare Quality of life Avg commuting time Cost of a serviced apartment Overall
Munich 8 8 9 9 9.5 43.5
Zurich 8 8 10 8 8.5 42.5
Amsterdam 7 7 8.5 10 8 40.5
Berlin 6 7 8 9.5 10 40.5
Luxembourg City 7.5 8 9.5 8.5 5 38.5
Dubai 8 7 7.5 7 9 38.5
Singapore 8.5 7 6.5 5.5 7 34.5
Madrid 6 8 7 7.5 5.5 34
Paris 5 7.5 5.5 6 6.5 30.5
Dublin 5 5 6 6.5 6.5 29

1. Munich

Safety: 8/10

Healthcare: 8/10

Quality of life: 9/10

Average commuting time: 9/10

Cost of average apartment: 9.5/10

Overall score: 43.5/50

Munich is a major city in Germany, popular with tourists and expats alike. Famous for its art, technology and innovation, it provides the perfect balance of culture and commerce, making it an excellent city to visit or emigrate to. Its diverse population is made up of people from all over, and includes a wide of variety of different resident groups. For these reasons, Munich is an easy place to assimilate, whether you’re travelling solo or with family.

2. Zurich

Safety: 8/10

Healthcare: 8/10

Quality of life: 10/10

Average commuting time: 8/10

Cost of average apartment: 8.5/10

Overall score: 42.5/50

Zurich has it all: amazing scenery, great economic stability, quality healthcare and a brilliant transport system. On top of that it’s one of the cleanest capitals in the world with a breathtaking array of parks, gardens and public spaces. Like many major cities, it offers fantastic conditions for working and starting a family. It might be expensive, but it more than gives back to its residents in living standards and job opportunities.

3. Amsterdam

Safety: 7/10

Healthcare: 7/10

Quality of life: 8.5/10

Average commuting time: 10/10

Cost of average apartment: 8/10

Overall score: 40.5/50

Amsterdam isn’t only great for business trips. It’s also an amazing place to live. In amongst its glorious winding canals and coffee shops are leading multinational companies - many of which are headquartered in Amsterdam. It’s both a business capital and a cultural hub, with great schools, parks, museums and homes. The city has a work hard, play hard attitude which ensures a good quality of life. Also, our inventory of serviced apartments in Amsterdam are also of a particularly high standard.

4. Berlin

Safety: 6/10

Healthcare: 7/10

Quality of life: 8/10

Average commuting time: 9.5/10

Cost of average apartment: 10/10

Overall score: 40.5/50

No introductions needed here. As Germany’s largest city, Berlin ranks highly in terms of business, entertainment and art. It has a buzzy entrepreneurial scene, impressive service sector, and offers lots of quality accommodation. Few places are more vibrant or historic, and the cost of living in Berlin is generally cheaper than other European cities. Provided you learn the language, you’ll have no problem settling in.

5. Luxembourg

Safety: 7.5/10

Healthcare: 8/10

Quality of life: 9.5/10

Average commuting time: 8.5/10

Cost of average apartment: 5/10

Overall score: 38.5/50

Next up is Luxembourg City - a thriving business hub, ranked highly for its quality of life, home to beautiful rivers, charming museums and great restaurants. It has an expensive but efficient healthcare system, with many treatments, tests and prescriptions subsidised by local companies. The city is backed by a comprehensive education system, made up of high performing public and private schools.

6. Dubai

Safety: 8/10

Healthcare: 7/10

Quality of life: 7.5/10

Average commuting time: 7/10

Cost of average apartment: 9/10

Overall score: 38.5/50

Popular with Westerners, Dubai welcomes expats with open arms. In as little as four decades, it’s gone from being a barren desert to a cosmopolitan metropolis that’s tax free, hot and sunny throughout the year and highly desirable among entrepreneurs. English is widely spoken in Dubai, and its international schools are well respected. It’s also brimming with restaurants, shopping malls, bars and all the other things we come to love in a big city.

7. Singapore

Safety: 8.5/10

Healthcare: 7/10

Quality of life: 6.5/10

Average commuting time: 5.5/10

Cost of average apartment: 7/10

Overall score: 34.5/50

Singapore’s reputation speaks for itself. The famous Lion City is a global finance, commerce and transport hub, recognised for its healthcare, education and life expectancy. Not only is it one of the safest places in the world, but it’s also one of the most business-ready, with a free, innovative economy conducive to earning a living and forging a successful career. Its various shopping malls, amusement parks and beaches make it a perfect destination for families after some fun in the sun.

8. Madrid

Safety: 6/10

Healthcare: 8/10

Quality of life: 7/10

Average commuting time: 7.5/10

Cost of average apartment: 5.5/10

Overall score: 34/50

Few cities in Spain are more accommodating than Madrid, with its fine cuisine, cutting-edge transport network and fabulous nightlife. There’s no shortage of good places to eat and drink, and, as far as living costs go, Madrid is more affordable than, say, London or Paris. Having recovered somewhat from the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Madrid is now great place to work with plenty of job opportunities.

9. Paris

Safety: 5/10

Healthcare: 7.5/10

Quality of life: 5.5/10

Average commuting time: 6/10

Cost of average apartment: 6.5/10

Overall score: 30.5/50

Where would we be without the glorious fashion capital, Paris? Everything about it is fairytale-like from its boulevards to its buildings. No surprises then that people continue to relocate there en masse. The city has a robust economy centred on financial organisations and Fortune 500 companies, and an extensive transport system of buses and trams which makes it easy to get around.

10. Dublin

Safety: 5/10

Healthcare: 5/10

Quality of life: 6/10

Average commuting time: 6.5/10

Cost of average apartment: 6.5/10

Overall score: 29/50

We love Dublin, and so too do our clients. A popular tourist destination, it draws visitors from all over with its cobbled streets, classic pubs, and beautiful historic sites. As Ireland’s economic centre, it boasts a number of international companies with headquarters in the city, which make it an attractive place to work. It offers excellent transport links, good tax incentives, and a healthy mix of urban and green spaces.

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