Top Nine Best Ranked Places in Britain

Written by on 26th September 2017
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Make no mistake about it – Britain is a diverse place. Different areas bring different people, food, languages and architecture. In a ranking of who does what best, the obvious cities aren’t always the top performers. Complex local government structures make it difficult to distinguish town from district, borough from county. Starting with Worcester, here are nine of the best ranked places in Britain:



With an overall rating of 7.84 out of 10, Worcester is as cheery as they come. Why? Because it’s welcoming and people trust each other. The West Midlands city has low crime rates, high levels of employment and a strong reputation for heritage. The combination of these factors makes Worcester residents take pride in their surroundings, in the knowledge that society gives back to them.



Wrexham, the overall winner in this category, is large town in North Wales, nestled between the Lower Dee Valley and Welsh mountains. Rural life goes hand-in-hand with its community spirit. Originally a market town, it has great schools and attractive housing, providing a gateway to some of the most beautiful scenery in Wales. Wrexham has also been named the politest place in the UK.

Best for live music


Leading the way in terms of live events is London, home to world famous nightclubs, bars and concert halls. Findings from live entertainment guide, Ents24, reveal Britain’s capital to be the best place for artists, event organisers and music fans. Famous venues include the Royal Albert Hall, the O2 Arena and Eventim Apollo.



Cleanliness is deeply embedded in the Welsh character. The average Welsh person is said to spend at least half an hour in the bathroom each day, and value personal hygiene more than their English and Scottish neighbours. Aberystwyth, our second Welsh town in the list, is largely green and isolated, surrounded by forests, meadows and shoreline. With so much natural beauty at its disposal, it’s no surprise that people invest in its upkeep.

Best for earning a living


In Burnley, the average person takes home £1,644 per month and pays £344 in monthly mortgage repayments, making it one of the most cost-friendly places in Britain. With year-on-year job growth of 4%, your money goes a long way here. According to, “While scenery, shopping and a nice local pub are all important, people will always want to live in areas where they can be financially secure.”

Best for being a man


British men seek a mixture of fun and practical stuff on their doorstep. Things like great pubs, affordable housing and good phone connections. That’s according to a recent study by magazine publisher, Shortlist. Their report puts Manchester in 1st place, as the best destination in Britain for modern men. It’s cheap, full of single people, and boasts two of the largest football clubs in the world. A city of innovation, Manchester has a growing tech scene and a propensity for buzzing nightlife.

Best for being a woman

East Dunbartonshire

East Dunbartonshire is hard to beat from an equality standpoint. Women in this Scottish local authority report high levels of personal wellbeing and quality of life. The average female resident earns a median hourly wage of £15.07 per hour – better than other parts of the UK – and enjoys great air quality, excellent education facilities and access to lots of green space.

Best 4G connection


In a search for which UK city has the best 4G signal, independent consumer body, Which? found Middlesbrough to be the best connected overall. A staggering 82.7 % of phone users in Middlesbrough are able to access a 4G signal, more so than Liverpool or Leeds.

Best for eating out


London has more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the UK, and is jam-packed with restaurants, street markets and international supermarkets. Just about any cuisine can be fetched on a central London street, from Italian to Korean, and there’s no shortage of affordable places to eat.

Please note: This list draws upon recent findings from Provident Personal Credit’s Unbroken Britain Community Survey. Click here for the full survey.


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