Top Ten Coolest Office Spaces Around the World

Written by on 23rd April 2018
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Many offices can often be set up in similar ways: claustrophobic cubicles, white wash walls, and unappealing meeting rooms. These companies, however, have taken employee motivation and office space to a whole new level by offering awesome working environments that encourage collaboration and socialising, all the while ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction. To help you feel inspired for your next office redesign, here are 10 of the coolest office spaces around the world.


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It goes without saying that top of the list is Google. Google is known for providing a great working environment for its staff, and places employee well-being high on its agenda. Google is proud to be a pet-friendly company – everyday is take your pet to work day. Proven to be a great stress-reliever, these dogs definitely help their owners get on with some hard work whilst in the office. With a games room, library and slide on offer in its offices, Google is, without doubt, one of the coolest companies in the world.


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The Lego headquarters certainly takes cool to the next level. Offering employees slides instead of stairs and vibrant colours throughout, these offices are one of a kind. Lego’s integral philosophy is ingrained into these offices and not only offers employees a “workspace” but also a “play space”. In play spaces, workers can enjoy socialise both in and out of work hours and and feel inspired by what is around them. The spaces are specifically designed to encourage collaboration and spark creativity.


With the design of the Redbull headquarters being built around, “a place of energy” these offices not only incorporate a great working environment but a motivational one. Designed with functional socialising rooms and activities rooms, this HQ intertwines both the healthy energy of relaxing with the energy of both sport and games. As a result, most of the offices have a gaming room as well as encouraging outdoor activities. Some Redbull Offices even have specified rooms designed to feel calm and workers are encouraged to listen to music and relax here.


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If you fancy a cool working space with an edgy and sleek feel, look no further than the Dropbox office. From a karaoke bar to rounded love seats, this office is a stunning piece of design and a great working space for all. Home to a range of plants and palm trees, this office is brought to life with the outside making its way in. Employees have a wide range of meeting rooms to choose from, each with a unique name, from the break-up room to the romance chamber. Catering to a range of different moods, all employees can choose which “mood room” they would rather be in on that day.


Incorporating the feeling of home, this office differs from most office spaces in the world. Including themed areas and rooms such as a dining room, living room, and even a wine cellar. The media room has the feel of a cinema, whilst the greenhouse room is brimming with plants and wooden decking, perfect for relaxing and talking about inspiring ideas. All rooms offer bright natural light and provide extremely cool offices in which to work and collaborate.


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When it comes to cool office spaces, it maybe not on the top of your list to think of Itison office spaces. However, Itison offices are beyond cool, and bought to life with fairy lights, a hot air balloon, and a balcony yoga studio. When it comes to lunch, employees head to the spacious cafe which serves never ending fruit and a cereal bar. With spaces set aside for meetings and a soundproofed boardroom, this office is equipped for every scenario, making it a particular favourite of ours.


The Amazon spheres have become renowned around the world as a cool working environment. Opened in January 2018, these rainforest offices incorporate leafy walls, orb lights, and glass walls to give a truly unique feel, away from the typical office working spaces we are used too. The three spheres, similar to that of the Eden Project are home to approximately 40,00 plant species from all over the globe, and a wooden structure high above the treetops, named the Nest, is the perfect spot for a meeting or conference.


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The Yahoo office is not only brightly coloured to motivate employees, but spacious and offers cool relaxing rooms for generating new ideas and inspiring new projects. Meeting rooms offer comfy chairs and football tables are available in some of the office spaces. Fountains outside offer the perfect place to relax and with bright yellow walls its like the sun is always shining on the Yahoo offices.


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A modern and contemporary office space, Pepsi Co offices are perfect for all types of employees no matter their mood or interests. With “breakout” spaces designed for socialising and taking a break from the working day, to bright Pepsi murals painted on the white brick walls. It shows it’s the simple things that make this a cool office to work in. The kitchens are vibrant and offer employees a fantastic room to make their lunch in and generally break their day up so that work is never boring.


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This incredible “spaceship” structure designed specifically for Apple, is celebrated for its architectural design but also provides a cool office space for Apple employees to enjoy. This incredible structure offers bright spaces, plants, gardens, and beautiful offices, encouraging workers to feel proud of the space they’re working in. With stunning views over the surround parkland, this place is not just an office but a place of zen and calm, in amidst the bustle of the typical workplace. It even boasts a private visitors centre, a perfect way to explore this magnificent place.