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The benefits of utilising city space

Written by on 10th January 2014
Category: Business Travel

Did you know that London is one of the greenest cities in Europe? There are over 3000 parks and open spaces within the city and, with the New Year seeing people join a gym at the drop of a hat, these spaces can provide a quick and accessible alternative after a hard day’s work. A low-cost solution to exercise in the city is cycling and the Boris Bike scheme is a tried and tested way to get in and around London. This is also a great way of getting to know the city in the spaces beyond the roads and rail tracks, with over 722 docking stations reaching routes as far out as Putney and Stratford to the inner cogs of Holborn.

Utilising space in the city is becoming a thought for the future with innovative ideas emerging more frequently. SkyCycle is the contrivance of Lord Foster, as he envisages a network of 209 elevated cycle routes over a 136 mile network spanning the capital. If you’ve ever imagined cycling to work above the Thames overlooking Tower Bridge or Westminster, now it’s a possibility. Sir Norman Foster, the architect working on the concept, is confident the project will be passed and believes that “SkyCycle is a lateral approach to finding space in a congested city”.

‘Congestion’ is associated with the capital far too often, but there’s space all over the city. There are eight Royal Parks in London and hundreds of smaller parks that are not as well known. A number of these public spaces have been given the gift of fitness by the Great Outdoor Gym Company who supply free outdoor gym equipment to over 65 outdoor locations across the city. Exercising regularly, before or after work, can help motivate and relax you respectively. With thousands of serviced apartments in London, your New Year’s resolution may be right on your doorstep.