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What constitutes luxury?

Written by on 28th October 2014
Category: Business Travel

We often have our own affiliations with the notion of luxury, especially when it comes to booking accommodation. What one perceives to be luxury another may see as necessity. For example, we would consider a property luxurious if it were to provide amenities like a wireless sound system, a wine chiller or remote controlled heating, curtains and lighting, yet for others this may be considered as standard. This openness to interpretation of the word poses a very real problem for accommodation providers, not helped by the fact that it’s regularly thrown around and used in the wrong context.

When a customer is expecting a certain level of luxury and is instead presented with a standard based on a restricted rating system, it can leave them underwhelmed. So how do providers avoid disappointing their customers with their ‘luxury’ products?

At SilverDoor, we have our own unique rating system for properties – SilverDoor Rosettes. When we consider representing a new property we guarantee that one of our employees will go and carry out the necessary checks to award it a correct SilverDoor Rosette rating. Our rating system also has a guide to make it clear for clients what criteria the properties are judged by. This allows clients to view a selection of properties, and their benefits, to decide for themselves which is the most luxurious.

By having such a large property portfolio we’re able to offer a unique mix of properties that can meet the expectations of any client, no matter what their interpretation of luxury is. We have luxury boutique serviced apartments (Pictured below) from our property partners, Vision Apartments, with bespoke furniture throughout these apartments offer a truly unique stay.

Vision Apartments Living Area

Other luxury properties in our portfolio include a selection of swanky London serviced apartments. Our Buckingham Gate Apartment (Main article image) has features including a mood-lit wall, a state of the art kitchen and onsite fitness centre with steam room and sauna.

In addition to our rating system, our personalised booking service ensures that every customer has an individual account manager who’ll support them through the booking process. Every member of our client account team has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of our properties. This specialised knowledge and personalised service means that our client account team is able to understand the customer’s expectations of luxury and match them with a suitable apartment for their needs.

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