What it means to be a SilverDoorian

Written by on 2nd July 2019
Category: SilverDoor news

My placement year at SilverDoor Apartments is coming to an end, so I wanted to take the time to reflect back on this incredible learning experience and tell you all what it means to be a SilverDoorian.

When I first heard the word SilverDoorian on my first day, I cringed a little bit, not fully understanding the connotations the word carries with it.  One year later and I completely understand what the word means and I am proud to say that I am now a fully-fledged SilverDoorian.

So, what does being a SilverDoorian actually mean? It’s not just a word or a staff member of the company. It represents the close-knit, family-like working culture within the company. It’s a unique environment where everyone is really supportive of each other and where everyone enjoys working with each other and socialising together during their spare time.

The last year has disappeared before my eyes but it feels like a life time ago since I started my first day at SilverDoor. It has been a true joy to work at SilverDoor, not only have I developed a wide range of new skills, I have grown as a person and learnt the ways of a full time job. I have also met some amazing people and made friends for life.

I personally couldn’t recommend a placement year enough to any student thinking of undertaking one. It will be one of the best learning experiences of your career and will allow you to greatly develop on a personal and professional level. I am now ready to return to university with a load of new knowledge under my belt and I believe my year at SilverDoor has put me in the best possible position to secure an excellent degree.

My first piece of advice if you want to do a placement is – go for it! You will have the best year and you will reap the benefits throughout your entire career. Once graduating it will put you in different pool of graduates from those who simply have an impressive academic record.  My second piece of advice is wherever you are completing your placement – get involved! I believe you will only get as much out of your placement as you put into it!

And, if you want to do a placement where you are treated like any other employee, given a large amount of responsibility from day dot and want that unique family-like culture. SilverDoor is a great place to look.

So, what does being a SilverDoorian actually mean to me? Being a SilverDoorian is the enjoyment I get out for coming to work every day and working with an absolute great bunch of people. Each day of my placement was a new opportunity, to learn, develop and improve. I have loved my time at SilverDoor and I am incredibly thankful to everyone that has made my year such an unforgettable experience.