Where to Find the Best Street Food in Los Angeles

Where to Find the Best Street Food in Los Angeles

Where to Find the Best Street Food in Los Angeles
6th October 2022

Los Angeles is the biggest city in California, with a population of approximately 12.5 million people. The city famed for its Hollywood industry is typically abbreviated as LA. With an economy fuelled by international trade, entertainment (including television, motion pictures, video games, and music production), fashion, and tourism, the City of Angels is sometimes aptly referred to as the "Creative Capital of the World". Indeed, one out of every six residents work in the creative industry. The city's fine dining scene and equally delicious street food selection ensure it maintains its reputation as one of the food capitals of the US. These five fantastic locations for street food in LA stick out among the hotdog vendors and sidewalk tacos.

Mariscos Jalisco

This establishment has long been regarded as a hero among old-school taco trucks. Famous for their deep-fried shrimp tacos and signature tacos dorado de camaron, Mariscos Jalisco certainly lives up to the hype when visiting LA. A particular SilverDoor favourite includes flavourful and fresh shrimp folded into a corn tortilla, cooked to a golden brown and topped with thick slices of avocado and salsa. Additionally, the tostadas, oysters on the half shell, and fresh ceviches are all well worth a try. Given that it was called a "National Treasure" by Mr. Jonathan Gold, one of the top food critics for the Los Angeles Times, Mariscos Jalisco is regarded as serving some of the best street food in Los Angeles.

Mariscos Jalisco shrimp tacos on a trip to LA
Shrimp tacos are just a start to the amazing food served by Mariscos Jalisco

Kogi BBQ

The godfather of the modern food truck bonanza is Kogi BBQ. Off Overland Avenue in Palms, Roy Choi's Kogi empire serves a wonderful mash-up of Korean and Mexican flavours on a regular basis. Their classic short rib tacos, which are served on two grilled and charred house tortillas, are a major hit thanks to the double-caramelized Korean BBQ depth that is countered by a vibrant salsa spike, a chile-soy slaw, cilantro, and onions. Want to avoid eating meat? No problem, Kogi offers tofu substitutes in all meals. If you haven't tasted a short rib taco from one of their four trucks while on your trip to Los Angeles, you're missing out.

Kogi BBQ street food in LA
Taste all the flavours in one of the four food trucks in LA

Avenue 26 on Imperial Night Market

The afternoon and evening hours of Fridays through Sundays in Los Angeles are dedicated to Avenue 26, a family-friendly event. Mexican street cuisine, BBQ platters, dessert crepes, burgers, and even freshly stir-fried noodles are available at the night market. Arrive early to guarantee your spot because the night market fills up as the night progresses. Earlier in the evening, parking is also easier to find. Avenue 26 is the spot with the most dynamic street food in LA; so you may need to pay this stunning market more than one trip.

Avenue 26 night market
There is a range of different street foods at this night market

Dollar Hits

In a nod to authentic Pinoy street food, Dollar Hits invites you to select your skewered food (which is mostly pork or chicken). The protein(s) of your choosing is then carried to the parking lot to continue cooking over one of the grills. For the low price of just $1 per skewer, you may venture outside your comfort zone by adding tenga (pig ears), adidas (chicken feet), and camote (potato fritter), all of which are drizzled with soy sauce, sugar, and garlic. They also have a party tray option if they are notified at least 48 hours before the event. Get your Filipino food fix in this stunning spot every day of the week except Mondays when visiting Los Angeles.

Dollar Hits in LA
There so many meat variations to try on each skewer

Prince of Venice

We cannot survive just on tacos and barbecues. Sometimes nothing will do but a slice of pizza! Prince of Venice serves locally-grown organic produce, using cage-free eggs, and free-range meats from California farms. Every day, they serve freshly prepared pizza and pasta, and they have a unique pasta laboratory where you can witness your pasta being created from scratch. Only an empty Chianti bottle leaking candle wax onto a checkered tablecloth separates us from the authentic Italian Pizzerias of Naples.

Prince of Venice
Pasta or Pizza, which would you try at the Prince of Venice? 

As a booming food truck destination, we've highlighted the most popular sites to enjoy the best street food in Los Angeles. With Los Angeles being such a large city, here are 11 awesome sights you must see on a business trip to LA, as well as the top five corporate apartments to make your business stay in Los Angeles feel like a vacation.

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