Why serviced apartments are great for families

Why serviced apartments are great for families

Why serviced apartments are great for families
21st May 2015

Hotels had long been the favoured accommodation option for families on their travels but savvy parents have begun to veer away from single room lodgings in favour of more suitable solutions. Why would a family of four choose to stay in two separate hotel rooms or a hotel suite when they could stay in a two bedroom serviced apartment for a fraction of the cost?


So, what exactly is the cost of staying in a serviced apartment and how does it compare against a hotel? A two bedroom serviced apartment is almost half the cost of booking two hotel rooms and significantly cheaper than a hotel suite. What’s more, the rate per night of a serviced apartment reduces as the length of stay increases meaning even further savings can be made.

The cost of a serviced apartment


One of the key benefits for families staying in a serviced apartment is the increased space. From looking at the diagram above, it’s clear that you’re afforded much more space in a serviced apartment and having separate rooms to sleep, eat and relax ensures you’re not living on top of each other.

Serviced apartment space comparison


If you’ve tried to wedge a family of four into a single hotel room, you’ll know it’s either a case of squeezing four in a bed or sticking the children on a sofa bed. Alternatively, you can stay in a serviced apartment that has the number of bedrooms you require, so you can comfortably accommodate you and your family. By all staying within one apartment, you’ll have the peace of mind that’s missing when you’re split across multiple hotel rooms. Serviced apartment operators are also usually very flexible and are able to add additional single beds or cots to rooms upon request.

Serviced apartment bedroom sizes


Tired of forking out for expensive restaurant bills while on your travels? All serviced apartments feature kitchen facilities which means you can cook your own meals from the comfort of your apartment. For fussy children or those with dietary needs, having a kitchen takes the hassle out of finding an appropriate dish at a local restaurant.

Cook with your family in a serviced apartment


If you’re staying in temporary accommodation for a while, then it’s important to have entertainment available. Premium television subscriptions such as Sky are readily available in a number of serviced apartments and free Wi-Fi is provided in over 80% of properties.

Serviced apartment entertainment packages

Whether you’re relocating and in need of somewhere for your family to stay while finding long-term accommodation or just looking for an alternative to staying in a hotel, serviced apartments provide the perfect place to stay whilst away from home. To find a serviced apartment that’s right for you, visit the destinations page or get in contact with our team of serviced apartment experts.


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