Work Drinks: What to order for Dry January

Written by on 4th January 2019
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With the festive period coming to an end, the New Year is usually a time when many say goodbye to the mulled wine and embrace the sobriety of Dry January. However, you don’t have to miss out on a quick after-work drink just because you have decided not to drink.  With soft drinks quickly becoming tiring, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more exciting options available. Therefore, here is, Work Drinks: What to order for Dry January.

Flavoured Tonic Water

Yes, we know that tonic water is best served with gin, but with a number of exciting, new flavours available, why not pass on the gin and just experiment with the tonic? It might surprise you.

Lime and Soda

This refreshing drink is perfect for Dry January, it is also the perfect low calories drink, so if you are on a healthy kick at the start of the year, why not give it a try?

Orange and Lemonade

When you get bored of just having lemonade give it a little twist by asking to have a bit of fresh orange juice added. This small change can make a big difference to your Dry January.


If you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink but still want lots of flavour why not just go for a J2O. Coming in many different flavours, there is definitely one out there that will tickle your taste buds.

Ginger Beer

The majority of ginger beer you come across will be non-alcoholic but it’s worth checking as some do contain a small amount of alcohol. This gingery fizzy drink is flavoursome and becoming increasingly popular with Dry January participants.

Non-Alcoholic Beers

Non-alcoholic beers are becoming increasingly popular with most leading brands having produced at least one. They are a super easy option for Dry January as you will blend into the crowd at the pub.


Mocktails are simply cocktails minus the alcohol and most bars and pubs will have a menu for them, especially during Dry January. With drinks this flavoursome, you won’t even need the alcohol!


We hope these recommendations have shown you that you don’t have to miss out during Dry January and there is no need to stay at home during the course of the month!