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Serviced apartments close to the world’s greatest beaches

Serviced apartments close to the world’s greatest beaches

Written by on 14th October 2014
Category: Business travel and relocation

As far as best beaches go there are endless lists compiled in travel magazines and on websites like TripAdvisor. The majority have secluded stretches of white powdered sand, azure seas, dramatic backdrops, and exotic vegetation. All of this is nice enough, but the truth is you can’t beat a beach with atmosphere, history and maybe even a bit of a reputation.

1. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Host to the international jet-set since the 1920s, Copacabana was most recently host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in June, perfect for the football mad Brazilians. Rafaela Baraldi, SilverDoor’s Finance Manager, is originally from Sao Paulo. She says:

“Paris has its café culture, whereas Copa’ has its kiosk culture. Stop at one of the many stands dotted along the boardwalk and enjoy local specialities such as a refreshing Açaí bowl, a glass of Caipirinha or fresh coconut water.”

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2. Venice Beach, California, USA

Venice Beach is a hive of activity from the moment the sun rises deep into the light of the moon. It’s also one of the best places in the world to simply sit back and “people watch”. Ramona Varkoi, SilverDoor’s Partner Relations Coordinator, was on holiday in California in May this year. She says:

“It’s a Californian cliché and a little bit hair-raising, but it really is fun to hire roller boots and skate along the boardwalk in your bikini”.

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3. Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

You probably wouldn’t want to get too near to the majority of the wildlife in South Africa, but at Boulders Beach you can get up-close-and-personal to the African Penguin. Located in Cape Peninsula, near Simon’s Town, the beach is within the Table Mountain National Park.

Chris Gee, SilverDoor’s Commercial Director, visited Cape Town with his wife in 2001 and offers this tip:

“We wanted to see the penguins but we were late for dinner at the Two Oceans restaurant. I took a chance and stopped at one of Simon’s Town’s public beaches. Luckily, the penguins are no respecter of boundaries so we were thrilled to see plenty of the little chaps waddling about and diving off the boulders without having to pay a thing!”

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4. Blackpool, Lancashire, England

According to the old French proverb, “It’s impossible to overdo luxury”. If Blackpool is anything to go by then you can’t overdo tacky sentimental traditions. It’s the great British seaside at its best, so don your knotted hanky, role up your trousers and relax in a deckchair with newspaper wrapped fish and chips. July is the hottest month in Blackpool with an average of 16°C. Not exactly the giddy heights of the South of France, but Blackpool’s seven miles of golden sand is glorious in the sunshine (even if the North Sea water is a little chilly).

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5. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi is a “city beach” and, therefore, full of contradictions. It’s energetic and laid back, spontaneous and thoughtful, cheap ‘n’ cheerful, high maintenance and glamorous; be you backpacker or billionaire you’ll get a “fair go” at Bondi. Joanna Cross, Head of Client Relations and originally from Tumut in New South Wales, offers this idea:

Visit the famous Bondi Icebergs Club to swim laps in the 50 metre Olympic pool. Then later enjoy sunset drinks on the huge, sweeping balcony overlooking the beach”. Maybe this is opposed to braving the shark infested waters.

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