About SilverDoor Apartments

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Systems

The ISO 14001 standard specifically examines our processes regarding sustainability and energy waste reduction – ensuring that our environmental impact is being measured and improved at every level. In securing this certificate, we began a company-wide evaluation of our sustainability measures, introducing new ways to make our operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

SilverDoor's ambition:
  • Calculate Baseline Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Emissions by 2023
  • Set Science-Based targets by 2024
  • Become Carbon Neutral in the Company's Operations by 2030
  • Engage with Suppliers Towards a Net-Zero Supply Chain by 2050
SilverDoor is currently focused on the following environmental aspects:

Sustainable Development

Sustainable travel and transports

Waste Management

Water consumption

Corporate Responsibility

Noise and Nuisance Management

Emergency preparedness

To improve on each of these aspects, we have implemented sustainable change across the company through the following means:

Digitising our in-office processes

Our Orbital One technology provides clients and partners with paperless billing – all documentation is digitised and available electronically. Our use of DocuSign further eliminates the need for printed materials, reducing our annual CO2 emissions by 2750kg.

By digitising all documentation relating to Salesforce, SilverDoor saves an estimated 50 trees per year.

Using environmentally friendly technologies

The cloud technology we use to host our servers and systems is geared towards sustainability. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centres which are fuelled by green energy (largely solar or wind farms), and whose infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of surveyed U.S. enterprise data centres.

Encouraging a sustainable culture

Our corporate social responsibility policy promotes sustainability within our offices and provides all staff members with environmentally friendly alternatives to typically wasteful processes. Recycling stations are provided in all offices for paper and cardboard, glass and aluminium. We also host a cycle to work scheme for our employees, providing access to bicycles and cycling equipment to eliminate CO2 production as part of their commute to work.

Seeking strategic partnerships

To enhance our sustainability practices, we have sought partnerships with leading transformative sustainability organisations, including Trees4Travel and ICT Reverse.

By leading the way on sustainability, we strive to encourage our growing global network of property operators to follow suit – thereby ensuring serviced apartments remain the most environmentally friendly form of accommodation on the market.

Waste management

ICT Reverse is the leading data disposal company in the UK, specialising in the sustainable disposal or recycling of technology. This includes services such as: asset collections, data erasure, data shredding, data destruction, audit reporting, remarketing, data transfer, repairs, and redeployment

SilverDoor is committed to sustainable waste management, operating with a zero-landfill tolerance. All hardware is reused, refurbished to be reused, or recycled in line with the waste hierarchy.

As with all our partners, ICT Reverse is regularly audited – maintaining an AATF accreditation.

ICT Reverse and its partnership with Circular Computing to support reforestation

- 5 trees planted when a laptop is recycled via ICT Reverse

- Once the laptop is sold by Circular Computing, another 5 trees are planted

- Helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Managing electricity consumption

In 2022 SilverDoor Apartments opened a new office in Madrid, and recruited over 100 new staff into the company globally, resulting in an increase in the use of electricity consumption. A recalculation of electricity usage has resulted in an increase. For this reason, SilverDoor Apartments have decided to review and reassess the correct levels and set a new target for 2023.

If you would like to learn more about our ongoing Sustainability efforts, please view our Environmental policy or contact us for more information.