All you need to know about Launceston

Launceston corporate serviced apartments are ideal for business travellers staying in Tasmania. Providing the spacious living quarters one would want when travelling away from home and conducting important business meetings, SilverDoor Launceston corporate accommodation is tailored to the needs of working professionals. We are equipped to find the perfect property for your trip to Launceston – book with SilverDoor Apartments today. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Launceston apartment? 

Carefully chosen by our expert team, our serviced apartments in Launceston are examples of the very best accommodation available in the area. Having been industry leaders in the corporate accommodation market for many years, we have an in-depth understanding of what business professionals require when travelling – meaning we know what you expect and require during your corporate stay. Booking with us provides a host of benefits to our clients, such as:

Outstanding resources. SilverDoor Apartments is synonymous with exemplary corporate accommodation, and this is due to both our high standards and excellent relationships with property partners. As such, we are able to source the best serviced apartments across the globe. Looking for an apartment in an area not featured on our site? Contact us and we will make enquiries. Often we are able to locate accommodation at short notice thanks to our contacts and business acumen. 
Expert service. Our team is composed of the very best accommodation experts in the field. This, combined with our years of experience, means the service we provide to our clients is second to none. Along with insights we provide from our property partners, we also stay in the apartments we promote, meaning we can give detailed recommendations on property suitability to your needs. Furthermore, our international offices allow us to available to you 24/7 to answer your enquiries. 

To book your corporate aparthotel in Launceston, call our dedicated team today for a friendly and expert service. Alternatively, explore our site to see the range of serviced apartments we offer in our portfolio.

What is a serviced apartment? 

A business trip to Launceston is best enjoyed from the comfort of a serviced apartment. This form of accommodation offers a unique blend of a private rented residence and luxury hotel standard service. Providing space, flexibility and convenience, corporate serviced apartments in Launceston are ideal for those conducting business on the move. SilverDoor Apartments properties offer a host of benefits, with some being:

Incredible value. Hotels offering similar space and amenities almost always charge a much higher nightly rate than those of a serviced apartment. Tax breaks are also granted to bookings which extend beyond a certain duration threshold, meaning extended bookings, such as those made for colleagues relocating to new cities, are even better value for money. 
Quality services. Serviced apartments often come with an array of included services (which vary from property property) and can include: swimming pools, gymnasiums, housekeeping, parking, cinemas and conference rooms to name a few. Many of these services are included in the price of your stay, meaning you can truly make yourself at home while enjoying your business trip. 
Flexible and private living. With expansive rooms and allocated spaces for sleeping, cooking, resting and entertaining, serviced apartments grant a great deal of flexibility for you to work and live to your own schedule. Unimpeded by the business and stringent timetables of a hotel, staying in corporate housing means you can be flexible with how and when you stay in or go out. 

What do I need to know about staying in Launceston? 

Located in the north of Tasmania Island, Launceston is the twelfth largest non-capital city in Australia and has a population of over 100,000. With a vibrant and trailblazing history, this city has a lot to explore and discover while visiting on business. 


Like much of Australia, Launceston is best explored (and reached) by car. The city has over 700km of urban and rural roads, meaning traversing long distances to meet clients and associates is best done via hire car or taxi. The city does have a government operated bus service – Metro Tasmania – for intra city travel. Previously, the city was home to a tram and rail system, but due to the convenience of road travel this systems were closed. 


With its opposing season system to the Northern hemisphere, Launceston experiences its best weather in the winter months of December through to March. Weather at this time averages the mid-twenties, making for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The months of July and August are known for high precipitation and so are often avoided by visitors to the city. 

What else is Launceston known for?


Launceston was settled by Europeans in 1806, making it one of Australia’s oldest cities. It was named after the town of Launceston in Cornwall, in honour of the New South Wales Governor, who was born in the seaside town. The city was the site of some landmark events, including the first use of anaesthetic in the Southern Hemisphere. It was also the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectricity. 


A hub for agricultural activities, Launceston has, in recent years, seen an investment in viticulture. The city is also the site of wool sales in the region. Otherwise, the city is a major retail centre and is a service centre for much of the north of Tasmania. Additionally, the city has a growing tourist industry, and is often considered the tourism ‘hub’ of the island.