All you need to know about Perth

Perth is located on the south-west coast of Australia and is the largest city in the west. The city experiences hot weather throughout the summer and mild winters with regular rain. Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world as the next city, Adelaide, is well over 1000 miles away.

The central business district of Perth is one of the most important areas and the home of The Perth Arena, an entertainment and sporting arena famous for its architecture. The skyscrapers located in the CBD hold the majority of the office space for the entire city and the retail and entertainment facilities are mostly housed in the pedestrianised malls of Hay and Murray Streets, also in the CBD.

Perth's remoteness means most visitors come via Perth Airport which has three terminals: T1 caters for international destinations, T2 is dedicated to Qantas domestic and T3 is for other domestic flights. There are 70 train stations in Perth alongside the Indian Pacific train service which links the city with Adelaide and Sydney. The bus service in the city centre has recently been renewed and now offers a fare-free service within the centre.