All you need to know about Brasilia

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. It’s lies atop the Brazilian Highlands, and was first founded in 1960. It has a population of over 4.2 million, making it Brazil’s third most densely populated city. The city plays host to more than 100 foreign embassies, and is a popular business travel destination. Unlike other places in Brazil, Brasilia is an administrative division rather than a legal municipality.

Brasilia overlooks the beautiful Paranoa Lake and boasts Brazil’s second biggest marina. Many visit the marina to surf, swim and sunbathe. The city has a tropical climate, with hot and dry seasons.

Like many Brazilian cities, Brasilia boasts a decent network of taxi companies. Taxis can be found all over the city, and are great for airport transfers. The city’s metro system is split across two lines and covers over 20 stations. Brasilia is also well served by buses.

Brasilia International is the city’s main airport, and offers both domestic and international flights.

Brasilia plays host to a number of SilverDoor serviced apartments that are great for business travel.