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All you need to know about Toronto

Toronto is located on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario and is the largest city in Canada. Toronto's 2.5m cosmopolitan population reflects its role as a major destination for immigrants to Canada. Because of its safe and clean environment with low crime rates, Toronto is consistently considered one of the world's most liveable cities. Toronto’s summers are noticeably hot with temperatures occasionally reaching 35°C, in winter cold bursts can see the temperature fall to as low as -10°C, however this kind of climate is moderate when compared to the majority of Canada.

The city is the country's economic hub and has highly developed finance, business services, transportation, and medical research industries. The important areas include The Old City which covers Downtown and is the most populated part of Toronto. The Financial District along Bay Street contains a number of key sites such as First Canadian Place and Toronto Dominion Centre. The Eaton Centre is great for shopping and also links to PATH, Toronto's 27km underground shopping centre with 1,200 shops.

The Distillery District known for its small breweries such as the Mill Street Brewery, in the eastern downtown area, there is also a pedestrianised village containing boutiques, art galleries and restaurants;

Pearson Airport is Canada's busiest and is 30 km from the downtown core. Pacific Western busses connect the international airport to the city centre.