All you need to know about Paris

Famous for its skyline of distinctive apartment buildings, Paris serviced apartments are not only numerous, but are also available perfectly outfitted for the business traveller. We at SilverDoor Apartments provide the best selection of serviced apartments in Paris, and ensure that our selected properties offer the space, functionality and additional services a corporate stay in the city calls for.

Tips for Staying in Paris

Paris has a population of 2.1 million within the city limits, making it the fifth most populated city in the EU. Although a smaller comparative population than London, Paris is a vibrant and thriving city with a strong economy integral to France and the EU as a whole. Offering a wide range of serviced apartments, Paris is well suited to corporate travellers.

Transport in Paris

There are a number of ways to arrive in Paris – with the Eurostar trains routed directly to Gare du Nord station from London, and the Paris airport within easy reach of the city by train, taxi or bus. Within the city itself the Metro is perhaps the most reliable form of public transport and operates in a similar way to the London Underground. Paris also has four tramways lines for above ground travel, as well as a dependable bus service, which even operates at night until 5:30am.

Parisian Cuisine

Paris is known for staple French fresh foods, such as locally baked baguettes and pastries. You can find quality bakeries on most Paris streets, whereas the more cosmopolitan areas such as Bastille and Montmartre are teeming with cafes and restaurants. The many cafes in the city make ideal locations for informal business meetings and client catch-ups, and their frequency means they can be found near any one of the many Paris serviced apartments in our portfolio.

Weather in Paris

Predominantly influenced by Atlantic Ocean weather currents, Paris can be cold and snowy in winter months, but is pleasantly warm throughout the summer. Spring, however, is notoriously drizzly and so business trips during this season ought to be provisioned with waterproofs and umbrellas. 

Facts about Paris

In many ways Paris, although very much ensconced in its own unique culture, has been at the forefront of cultural and social development in the Western world throughout the ages. Indeed, Paris was very much an inspiration to American revolutionaries who successfully overthrew English governance.

Paris History

The city is perhaps best known for its heritage of revolution and the many uprisings which have sprung up within its walls and led to national change. Famously, the citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille in 1789 which led to the creation of the first national Constitution. This partiality to protesting actually informed the city’s design, with its wide, straight streets built purposely to make rioting and building barricades more difficult for its citizens.

Economy in Paris

The Greater Paris Region (or Le Grand Paris) is celebrated for being the number one economy in Europe. In fact, the region accounts for approximately 5% of European GDP. There are currently around 13,000 foreign companies with offices and headquarters in the region, accounting for half a million jobs and undoubtedly contributing to the number of serviced apartments Paris has on offer.

For more information and advice about visiting Paris, read our Paris city guide.

What is a serviced apartment?

Free from the constraints of a hotel, but with all the benefits of the most desirable and beneficial hotel services, corporate serviced apartment in Paris offer the preferable accommodation option for your business stay in the city. Simply put, serviced apartments do not only offer luxurious and stylish surroundings, they also make life easier as they are designed for convenience and flexibility.

Why choose a Serviced Apartment in Paris with SilverDoor?

Booking a serviced apartment in Paris with us offers a range of benefits which other providers and hotels simply can’t equal. As specialists in the corporate travel industry, we are backed by years of experience, hundreds of hard won reviews and outstanding client and partner relationships. As such we are positioned to be the strongest in the market.

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When you are ready to book your serviced apartment in Paris, pick up the phone to speak with a member of staff who can talk you through our available properties. Alternatively, explore our options online and see for yourself the impressive selection of Paris serviced apartments we have to offer.  

Aerial view of the French capital city, Paris