All you need to know about Bremen

City Facts - Bremen

Bremen is a city in Northwest Germany, situated on the River Weser. Officially a Hanseatic city, it belongs to the Hanseatic City of Bremen: a sovereign state with a history tied to the Holy Roman Empire. It’s both an economic centre and a cultural hub, boasting dozens of museums and galleries which range from the Universum Bremen to the Schulschiff Deutschland.

Being an industrial city, Bremen is home to various company headquarters, such as the construction firm, Folitec, and the manufacturer Hachez. Its economy is loosely divided between five sectors: automotive, maritime, logistics, wind energy and aerospace. Making up those industries are the major companies Airbus, B.I.G. Logistics, ArcelorMittal and Atlas Elektronik. Those connected to Airbus are typically involved in the manufacturing and assembly of aircraft parts, while B.I.G. Logistics accounts for some 18,000 jobs in Bremen and neighbouring Bremerhaven.

Bremen’s local attractions range from historic buildings like Glockenspiel House and St Martin’s Church to the outdoor spaces Buergerpark and Schnoor quarter: a charming neighbourhood made up of lots of small, quaint streets, along with cute shops and cafes.

Bremen Airport lies just two miles from the city centre, which makes for easy commuting to and from it. The city is served by a number of trams and buses, which also connect to surrounding cities like Delmenhorst, Twistringen and Oldenburg.