All you need to know about Cologne

Cologne is located in West Germany, on the Rhine River, 356 miles south-west of the capital, Berlin. The city was founded in 38 BC and has been a considerable hub of activity since. Today, Cologne is the fourth largest and oldest city in Germany and is filled with richness in both culture and history.

Various events are held throughout the year, including a Christmas festival, which traditionally starts at 11:11 AM on November 11th. This festival started in 1823 and has been running ever since. It is now one of the biggest street festivals in Europe, with over one million people attending the event. Cologne is also famous for its Cathedral, the Kölner Dom, where the Archbishop of Cologne is seated. Also of historic importance is the Universität zu Köln, Cologne’s University, which is one of Europe’s oldest and largest universities. The city is also famed for its shopping with the Hohe Strasse, one of Germany’s oldest pedestrianized shopping strips, offering plenty of choices.

Cologne central train station provides high-speed links to AmsterdamBrussels and Paris, including trains to other German cities, such as Berlin and Frankfurt. The international airport is located in Porz, a district in Cologne, and is one of the few German airports to run 24 hours a day. The city is also served by a widespread underground and light rail system.