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All you need to know about Hawaii

Country Facts - Hawaii

Hawaii is a US state in Oceania, comprised solely of islands, and popular with tourists. It’s part of an archipelago and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The state is made up of thousands of islands, atolls and islets, spread across a coastline of 750 miles. Its eight major islands are Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Maui and the Island of Hawaiʻi.

The state has a tropical climate and is known for its beautiful public beaches, crisp oceanic surroundings and active volcanoes. Due to its evergreen topography, its home to a rich array of wildlife, including many endangered species. Its two main national parks are Haleakalā National Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The main languages spoken in the state are Hawaiian and English. Many locals learn English from a young age and speak it freely at home. Other local languages spoken include Japanese and Tagalog – an Austronesian dialect, spoken predominately in the Philippines.

Hawaii’s economy is focused on a number of traditional industries including sandalwood, whaling and sugarcane, and its popular exports are coffee, honey and livestock.

Hawaiian culture draws heavily from Asian and North American cultures. Its cuisine is fusion-based, and its popular music ranges from folk to hip hop. Top things to do in Hawaii include boating, snorkelling and surfing. It has its historic sites like the Valley of Temples and the USS Arizona Memorial; and wonderful walking areas in the form of Waipi’o Valley and the Kalalau Lookout.  Some choose to take it in with a helicopter tour; others with a sunset cruise along in a luxury catamaran.

Key Facts
Population: 2 million
Currency: Peso Convertible
Language: Hawaiian and English
Dominant religion: Catholic
Time Zone: (UTC -10)
Main exports: Coffee, honey and livestock

International dial code: +1 808