All you need to know about Luxembourg


Luxembourg is globally recognised as the second richest country in the world. A true pioneer of business prospects and tax incentives, our serviced apartments in Luxembourg are at the centre of the promising political landscape the country, and its capital, has to offer. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Luxembourg Apartment?

We operate the largest portfolio of serviced apartments in the world. Our focus is clear and remains solely on building long term relationships with property partners, in order to offer you the best business accommodation available in over 800 cities and counting.  

With a specialised team of dedicated client specialists, we ensure your journey is professionally handled, from the initial enquiry to landing in Luxembourg and arriving at your serviced apartment. We are the leading choice of serviced apartment provider for a multitude of reasons, with just some of those being: 

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Understanding the industry. We have a team of specialists who have already established remarkable relationships with a multitude of property partners. Their knowledge on the industry is also built on the specifications from past clients and the long term relationships developed with them. 

What is a serviced apartment?

Following the decision to travel abroad, or when arranging a business trip on behalf of someone else, the inclination to veer towards a more compliant option and book a hotel room for your corporate stay is common. The advantages to a serviced apartment are unparalleled, however, and your stay in Luxembourg will benefit from these forward thinking features: 

Travel on your terms. Each serviced apartment can be booked for any period of time you wish, with flexibility on how often you frequent the on-site facilities. Having your own kitchen and familiar home amenities allows you to independently choose whether you would rather self-prepare your meals or explore the city’s food scene. 

Winning cost benefits. Serviced apartments often offer better value than a hotel. There is also the added benefit of your corporate housing in Luxembourg’s price decreasing in line with the longevity of your stay, making a serviced apartment especially appealing for long term stays. 

Exceptional standards. Having personalised relationships with property partners, we ensure that the best standards are met with each property to ensure your safety and personal requirements. Our SilverDoor approved symbol is a further indication that the serviced apartment has personally been visited by our specialist team. 

What do I need to know about staying in Luxembourg?

Its honorary headquarters and EU offices are centrefold in the operations of Luxembourg but it also holds a great diversity to offer, being known as one of the safest countries in the world with an enriched historical background. 


Set to introduce free transport from March 2020, Luxembourg is forward-thinking when it comes to travel. With an 110,000 person population and an extra 400,000 people commuting for work, it has an array of accessible services including a trusty City Shuttle, being a free of charge service that passes through the main city.  

The maintained internal road system is popular in Luxembourg, with a multitude of highway links that connect you with the neighbours of the country. Although the railroads have served since World War II, the electrical tracks are fully modernized, catering to the huge proportion of international travellers all travelling via the train services. 


The significant contrast in weather conditions is common in Luxembourg, with it being comfortably mild at the beginning of the year and temperatures peaking come May to September.  

With snow fall common around December, the city is popularly known for ski trips and picturesque Christmas markets to enjoy during the festive season. 


As the only country in existence to become a Grand Duchy, Luxembourg’s prominence was awarded after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. The Congress of Vienna positioned the country under the territory of a grand duke or duchess, thus making it the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Currently Prince Henri is crowned as the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and has been since 2000. 

What else is Luxembourg known for?


There is a widespread mixture of languages based in Luxembourg, truly reflecting the relationship shared with historical partners and the country’s neighbours. 

The main languages spoken are German, French and Luxembourgish – a West Germanic language commonly spoken throughout Luxembourg. 


Bordered by Germany, France and Belgium, the concoction of cuisine in Luxembourg is commonly celebrated and inspired by the large percentage of immigrants originating from Portugal and Italy. 

The Luxembourg cuisine is often described as having the delicacy of French cooking with the gusto of German food and Luxembourgers tend to enjoy a French-style breakfast followed by large meals later in the day and evening.  

The large selection of pubs and bars is also paired with the impressive number of Michelin star restaurants that occupy the city. The unique presence of such a large amount makes it the leading city to find Michelin starred restaurants in the world. 

Their wine is sought after as well and a visit to the famous restaurant ‘Chiggeri’ offers an impressive 2,200 different wines to choose from, making it the largest offering of wine in Europe. 

The beautiful city landscape of Luxembourg