All you need to know about Kuching

Capital of the Malaysian state, Sarawak, Kuching is a varied and multinational city situated on the banks of the River Sarawak. Home to a range of museums, national parks and castles, this city is a bustling hub. Mainly used as a gateway of travel between Borneo and Sarawak. 

Kuching is the main economic nerve for Sarawak and is home to many headquarters, offices, and corporate centres. Pending Industrial Estate, Demak Laut industrial Park and Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone are all located in Kuching and play a major role in the commercial and industrial activity and trade of the city. 

Kuching is home to Kuching International Airport which is a major commuter airport for those going to Borneo and the surrounding areas of Malaysia. Kuching is also home to a network of waterways connecting urban areas. 

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